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Heavenly Thoughts: Busy In Illinois

Wow, busy, busy, busy!!!!!!!


Illinois State Fair

My girlfriend, who is a showgirl at Deja Vu in Springfield, @abby_mf_lane and I did a promotion with @mikeandmolson from WMAY radio to help promote the club and the show we did together on Friday and Saturday. Check out the video below for some good, solid fun at the Illinois State Fair.

Milking A Cow

Believe it or not I’ve never milked a cow before. I was born and raised in the midwest. I left when I was 23 years old, but I never milked a cow. It felt weird!

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Featured Dancing

My girlfriend,@abby_mf_lane, and I did two shows over the weekend. Which was awesome, because that experience is really getting me prepared for feature dancing and doing my own shows. So happy we did this. We did a freak show/carnival theme and a naughty nurse theme. Our shows included visiting customers in the crowd and a tip rail doing short, sexy dances. Dancing together on stage we finished the first show with whip cream and the second show with sexy, body paint. We had a blast and so did the crowd!

The Fans

I’ve seen so many guys that I use to dance for back in my old, Deja Vu days. I’ve also seen several guys I went to high school with or hung out with since the town I grew up in is only 30 miles away. I’ve been asked if that bothers me and honestly dancing for guys I know or went to school with has never bothered me. This sure has been a walk down memory lane these past 10 days. Familiar faces, places, and foods.

Getting The Ball Rolling

Definitely feeling more prepared for my feature dancing and getting excited. Already writing down themes, song sets, and props for my future shows! Planning to sign with an agency and get the ball rolling on my featured dancing career no later then September 26th.

Having Fun

I also had some fun at the mall riding around on a pink panther. I’m such a child at heart.
I had a blast riding the giant slide at the Illinois State Fair.

Heading Back To Vegas

I’m appearing at Deja Vu this Friday and Saturday and then back to Vegas on Sunday. It has been a long trip and I am ready to get back home to start working on my feature dancing sets.

I hope to visit you guys on my webcam for some naughty fun.

Alright my loves, headed to bed!  Until next week!

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