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Heavenly Thoughts: Feature Dancing and Pole National Championships

It’s been a very busy and fun filled two weeks!


Feature Dancing and Pole National Championships

Recently, I got asked to compete in the Feature Dancing and Pole National Championships. I immediately said yes. I figured this would be a perfect way for me to get my foot in the door with my feature dancing career that I am currently pursuing. It was perfect!


The decision to compete was very last minute. I only had a week to prepare and the pressure was on. I got my gown and got to work. The set I had planned and practiced was my Harley Quinn Set. I worked hard on putting a dance routine together, gathering props, and painting props. If I had made it to finals, I planned to do my Angel Set, which includes a very elegant outfit with some beautiful, angel wings. I bought the angel outfit from Lisa Lish.


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I had practiced a flowing, dance routine for the Angel Set and a very choreographed routine for my Harley Quinn Set. Unfortunately, right before it was time to leave for Peoria to compete, my Harley Quinn costume didn’t arrive. I was pretty upset about this, but decided I wasn’t gonna let this get me down. So I got my gowns and my Angel Set together and headed off to Peoria.

Webcam Modeling:

Road Trip

It took me two days to drive to Peoria Illinois, but it was well worth it. I’d never been to one of these competitions before. I am so glad I went.

At The Competition

I got to get some valuable practice, meet lots of amazing people in the industry, and got to see how these shows are done by lots of great, experienced, feature dancers. I was blown away by a lot of these girl’s shows. They truly are amazing and gave me so much motivation to become as great as them! I didn’t end up winning Newcomer of the Year, but I did win Overall Hardest Body.



Getting Booked

After I got home, Tom from Sensational Features called and booked me for two week’s of appearances in Victoria and Wichita, Texas at the end of November. I’ll be posting a promotional flyer once I receive it.

Harley Fire XXX Industry Radio

I will be appearing on Harley Fire XXX Industry Radio next Thursday, October 13th to talk about the competition and my up and coming projects. Make sure to tune in and call the show for an opportunity to ask me questions.


That’s all for now. I wrote this from my phone. Not as easy as it is from my lap top. Catch me next week loves! Lots more to come!

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  1. Hey Starri- It’s Kayla… or Kendra Banx as you would remember- blonde…barely legal, hustler, Brad Fitzg, etc. I haven’t talked to you in years. Literally. Fell way out of the loop. I got in a nasty car crash that nearly killed me and got out of the industry not too long after… it was right after AVN in Vegas. You were a total down to earth friend to me and I just wanted to say hi and see how you have been. Feel free to shoot me an email- I also actually have a few questions for you that I know many others wouldn’t be able to relate to lol Don’t wanna leave my cell here. But you can reach me at ilivetodowhatilove (at) and i can shoot you my # or what not~ Happy New Year and I hope all is well!

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