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Heavenly Thoughts: Harley Fire And Yoga

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Thanks for revisiting my blog. I hope you are enjoying following me each week. Lot’s of new stuff developing, so stay tuned! I’m super excited to share with you everything that is happening! XOXO

Harly Fire And Julie Rocket

So it’s been a fun-filled, busy week for sure! Last Thursday I did an appearance on Industry XXX Radio hosted by Harley Fire. I talked a little bit about my PlayboyTv appearances and what I’m working on now. I also talked about having sex, what I like, where I’ve had it, and much more. I got topless, then naked, and let Julie Rocket (@_Julie_Rocket_ on Twitter) get a quick taste. So lots of excitement. We had so many viewers on Periscope they shut us down about 15 minutes before the show ended.
@HarleyFire and @LasVegasXXX

Yoga Festival

Saturday I went to a yoga festival at the Springs Preserves in Las Vegas. I did a two and a half hour yoga workshop outside. It included four different types of yoga. We sweated our asses off under the Las Vegas sun. Totally worth it! I got my chakras aligned and a nice tan.

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The workshop was called Rootist Yoga with Mike Pierce. I then did a class called Rejuvenate and Restore with Zeeta Aromatherapy. That class was amazing and was perfect timing. It was more of a yin style yoga which is where you hold each posture for about eight minutes. Its my favorite type of yoga. The instructor had us breathing in and using essential oils. So between the breathing and the essential oils I was feeling very relaxed and could not stop yawning.
After that class I was ready to go, so I headed to a vegan cafe and had some lunch. Then I went home to soak in a nice, warm bubbly bath. Such a beautiful, relaxing day. I loved it!

Webcam Modeling

On Sunday I jumped on cam sporting my Patriot’s jersey and got nice and dirty with my luvies, yum! Always enjoy our time together.

National Feature Dancer and Pole Championships

Yesterday, I ran around attempting to overcome a few hurdles so that I could enter the 2016 National Feature Dancer and Pole Championships. I had two obstacles in my way. The first obstacle was getting a social security card. I lost mine and needed a new one fast. My second obstacle was getting a feature dancer costume delivered to me in time for competition. Guess what? I did it!
So I’m going be competing. I’m super excited and nervous all at the same time. It’s definitely the next step to take in kick starting my feature dancer career. Soon I’ll be getting booked and traveling the country, so make sure you are following me on my Twitter or Instagram (@StarriKnightMFC) so you will know when I’m in a town near you!

In the next two weeks my blog is going to have some really exciting and juicy behind the scenes stuff. So stay tuned!

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