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Heavenly Thoughts: Launching A Featured Dancing Career

Hey Guys! Thanks for revisiting my blog 🙂


Traveling to Springfield

So I made it to Springfield, Illinois. I was suppose to land in town Friday the 12th, but my flight was cancelled, so I arrived Saturday the 13th instead. Which worked out for me, because I got to finish up some things at home that I wanted to do and got $100 off my return flight, blessed! What a long day though.

After I landed I had to drive to town, eat, shower, and head to the club. At the club I filled out a bunch of paperwork, get beautified, and hit the floor.

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The First Dance

So for those of you who don’t know me that well, I haven’t danced in a strip club in over 8 years! Although I danced for five years before I left that scene, going eight years without practice had my nerves on edge. My heart was pounding and my energy was very intense!  This was the whole reason I wanted to do an appearance at the club that I started at back in the day. I needed to get some stage time and confidence to help prepare me for my future, feature dancing career. Once I finished my first stage set, it all came back to me instantly and I relaxed. Of course it was a piece of cake. Anyone who knows me well knows I always do that. I get myself so worked up over starting something new and then once I do it I’m not even phased. I’m crazy! So anyways, it was fun and I made lots of cash! I sold some autographed 8×10’s, which are also for sale in my store, and handed out some of my cards.
I have a video below from the beginning of that night with my friend Abby Lane @Abby_MF_Lane on Twitter.

 The Day After

I was hurting the next day. I’m in pretty good shape, but my fucking thighs and upper back were so sore! I worked some muscles I haven’t used in awhile. I’m sure by the end of these two weeks I’ll not only be comfortable and ready to go, but my body will be back in shape. I’ve got till the 28th to whip my butt into featured dancer shape.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to share next week so make sure to revisit me here. 🙂

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