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Heavenly Thoughts: Vegas Nightlife

Hey guys!

Home Life

So I’m home and back to my regular routine. Relaxing, enjoying life, and having some naughty time with you guys on cam. Doing pretty good on eating healthy 98% of the time by eating raw whole foods.
I have been getting outside a lot for some fresh air.
This kind of stuff helps me stay balanced and energized.

Vegas Nightlife

Went out last Friday night with a friend from back home. What an eventful night. Started the night off by hitting a seven-spot on four-card Keno at one of my favorite local bars here in Vegas, Players Club. I then met up with my friend at Light, a nightclub, which was entertaining. I headed home when I saw I was surrounded by nothing but sausages! Eeek!
I lost my phone in an Uber cab that morning, but luckily got it back two days later. Whew!!!! Vegas, you got to love it!

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So with my winnings I bought a three day, two night stay, on the beach, with an ocean view, room in Florida so I can attend a convention called, You Can Do It. Everything I’m into, with authors like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Davidji, Greg Braden, and more. So excited!


I got a few gifts in the mail this past week from some of my fans. So sweet. It’s my birthday this month, September 27th.
Thanks for visiting my Amazon wishlist lovies! XOXO

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Monday Night Webcam Shows

Monday night was a blast on webcam getting dirty and sporting my jerseys for Monday Night Football.
These are custom jerseys I received last year for my birthday.  Love them!

Well this next week is a busy week, so catch up with me then. I’ll have lots to share!

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