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How To Fix Game Of War

Today marks the 500th straight day I have logged into GOW. In those 500 days GOW has really changed. When I first started playing GOW I was amazed to see a player over 100 million. As of today the largest player in my Kindom of Etumos is 250 billion. There are currently over 150 players over a billion.

I have never spent a dime on GOW. In 500 days of continual playing I am always been researching and building. I am currently at 56 million and level 21.

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Over the last two months there are a couple of players from the top two alliances in my kingdom that stay at our hive all the time. I am in the 8th largest alliance, so we have several players over a billon. However, the threat of being attacked does not phase these opportunistic, large players that are generally around 2 billion in power. Our bigger players would take a major hit if they retaliated and possibly bring on the full wrath of the top two alliance. If a member of our alliance loses their shield for 5 minutes they are attacked. These two players must sit and watch our hive constantly. Amazing they have nothing better to do than sit and wait for shields to drop and then they pounce.

For about two week the top two alliances where tile hitting everyone. Our alliance leaders prohibited us from farming. My theory was that if watched my troops farming that I would have plenty of time to recall them before I was attacked. However, the attacking players were porting next to my farmers and were attacking before I could recall them even though I was watching them farm. Amazing.

So in theory I had to be shielded all the time and could not farm. I was beginning to wonder what was left for me to do in GOW.

How To Fix GOW

In reality I think it is time for the GOW folks to divide the kingdoms based on size. I think all players over 1 billion should be in their own kingdoms and only compete against other 1 billon in power kingdoms during KVKs. A kingdom filled with billion power players would give the guys that want to spend thousands of dollars on GOW a real challenge. What challenge is if for a billion power player to attack me at 56 million. That is like shooting ducks in barrel.


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I think the next division should be at 100 million in power. Players from 100 million in power to 999.9 million in power would be competing against each other.

The lowest division would be from 0 to 99.9 million in power.

With this three-division system players would be competing against players similar in size, which would force players to change their strategy and work together more effectively.

GOW is all about making money. I argue that players evenly matched would spent more money on the game to get an edge on their competitors. GOW would win and so would their hoards of players.

To make this transition into three divisions I would give a month’s notice to all players to give them a chance to form alliances filled with players their size. That way when players are realigned in their respective divisions they are already in alliances for protection.

New Strategy

Luckily the constant tile hitting stopped, so I now can farm again.

Several of the players in my alliance stopped making troops. Honestly if your under 100 million it doesn’t make sense to make anymore troops than you need to farm. You are too small to not be shielded. Even if you found some weaker prey, unshielded you would quickly become the hunted in a matter of minutes. Under 100 million you are way too small to participate in KVKs.

The smaller players in my alliance have stopped making more than 250,000 troops. It takes 250,000 troops to use resource shields and it should leave a player plenty of troops to fill their five marches if they are level 21. Troops eat food and players needs food to continue building.

All good in theory, but in reality I will remain shielded at all times and hope like hell I don’t get tile popped while farming.

When it was still possible to remain unshielded, several months ago for our kingdom, I was constantly trying to build hospitals to heal my troops if I got attacked.  If I am shielded all the time what is the point of hospitals?  I have started eliminating hospitals and replacing them with more silver production. Silver is essential in higher level research.


In the last 500 days GOW has changed dramatically.  The change of strategy is what makes the game fun and challenging.  Personally I get a real kick out of playing the game without spending money.  Sure I will never claim the wonder, but I guarantee you I will make 1,000 straight days of logging in.

Always keep in mind this is just a game, have fun, and remember Don’t Be An A-Hole!

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