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Game Of War: KVK For Smaller Players

SmellyTuba’s question: I am around 18 million. Can I participate in KVKs?

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SmellyTuba you can participate in KVKs, but you will need to use a lot of strategy to keep from getting zeroed by bigger players. At 18 million in power you will have a lot of players in the enemy kingdom that can zero you. For example in my kingdom of Etumos there are 73 players over 1 billion. The biggest player is almost 11 billion.

Before you port over to the enemy kingdom make sure to scout the area carefully. You will want to look for a beginning alliance or cluster of smaller players. Before you port you will not be able to scout the targeted cities resources. However, you can at least make sure there are no players over 15 million, in your case, in the immediate area.

You will need to save up for quick strikes. The best strategy is to hit a smaller city fast and a maximum of twice. If you stay in the area very long you risk the chance of attracting bigger players. You will need to have several advanced teleports, several random teleports, march speed increases, march size increases, and 8-hour shields.


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Big players will lay in wait until your marches are launched and then teleport right next to you and attack your city repeatedly. By the time your marches return, your city will be zeroed and your marching troops and possibly hero will be next on the menu.

A couple of cheap methods of escape if you fall under attack by a larger player are random teleports and 8-hour shields.   The random teleport will place you somewhere back in your kingdom, probably not where you want to be, but at least you will escape attack. The 8-hour shields will stop the attack and give you time to regroup.

Another idea is to rally your hero while you are attacking an enemy city. If you have your troops on a march and a bigger player ports next to you and immediately starts attacking, this method will at least save your hero. However, you will not be able to shield or port while your hero is rallied.

I have also worked with larger alliance members during a KVK. I have seen this method work and I have also gotten zeroed fighting along side my alliance mates. Generally your larger alliance members will want larger targets and if you’re the smallest attacking player you will be the first to receive retaliation. If the bigger players get busy on their own attacks or defending themselves they will not be able to help you.


During the last KVK the second largest player in my alliance at 1.2 billion got jumped by several larger players at the same time and lost tens of millions in power. He was on his own because no one from our alliance could help him without risking their own resources.

Bottom line is that if a smaller player wants to participate in a KVK, pick smaller targets, attack fast once, and then get the hell out of the area or shield.

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Always keep in mind that it is just a game, have fun, and don’t be an A-HOLE!

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