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Tart Behind The Cart: Layover Gone To Hell!

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 Toby34’s question: How much time do you get off on layovers?

 Well Toby34 our company policy is at least 10 hours. This can change due to how many hours of duty a flight crew acquires in a day. If a crew is on duty for over 14 hours this number can be increased. I won’t get into the complicated FAA mandated rest rules that require a lawyer to understand. However, there are layovers at my company up to 26 hours. Lines, (trips lasting four days), with long layovers in cool places, generally get bid (picked) by senior flight attendants.  

 Tulsa Shenanigans 

 After a long day of work and dealing with asshole passengers a girl needs a fucking beer!

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Within stumbling distance of the hotel we stay at in Tulsa is a hole-in-the-wall biker bar. After a particularly hard day where a passenger puked all over the seat in front of her, I was easily convinced by my flight crew to go for a drink or three.

We spent the evening drinking shots of Jack and copious amounts of beer. After a few hours of this fun filled activity we got pretty hamskied.

 Next thing I know all hell breaks loose and we are being kicked out the bar by a pissed off bartender. All I know is that punches were thrown between the pilots and the bikers. Since we weren’t regulars we were the ones to get the boot. The bartender said if we didn’t leave she was going to call the cops.


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As we start walking to the hotel my co-worker angrily states, “This is bullshit!” Then proceeds to turn around and walks back to the bar’s glass, front door. He then bangs on the door while screaming his deepest, vulgar thoughts about our abrupt and unjust eviction!  The glass door makes a loud crack and shatters into a million pieces.

 My irate co-worker was instantly bleeding profusely from multiple small lacerations!

 For several seconds we all just stood there with a shocked look on our faces! The only words I could manage were, “Fucking Run!”

As we ran back to the hotel we could see the raspberries and blueberries of the police cars in the distance. As the poo poo got closer we dove into a ditch and hugged the ground for all we were worth. After the law raced out of site I got up from hiding place to find my clothes torn to shreds from a barbed wire that I had neglected to avoid in my haste to escape the gray bar hotel.

I then spent the remainder of the night bandaging up my co-worker’s arm and didn’t get a wink of sleep before we had to report for the hotel shuttle to the airport the next morning.

 The next day was brutal to say the least! By the end of 12 hours of asshole, passenger’s bullshit I needed a beer or three!

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