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Letters From The Fire: Tsunami Of Rock

Letters From The Fire



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I recently had the chance to see Black Stone Cherry (BSC) at the historic Blue Bird Theater in downtown Denver.  It was a Monday night show, but the tickets where only $25 and I have been a fan of BSC for awhile, so I pulled up my big boy pants and took in a concert on a school night.

Opening for BSC was Letters From The Fire (LFTF) and Citizen Zero.  Before the show I had not heard of either of the opening bands.  LFTF started the concert off and it took me about 10 seconds to become a fan.

Lead singer, Alexa Kabazie, immediately grabbed my attention and held it for their entire set.  I honestly would have enjoyed an entire concert watching LFTF and was sad to see their set end.

All of the members of LFTF have a great stage presence honed by countless shows all over the United States in the last few years.  The best way to describe LFTF’s sound is take Halestorm and add a dash of hard edge and raw emotion of a band trying to make a name for themselves.

History Of LFTF

The spark that would eventually lead to LFTF was started in 2003 by founding member Mike Keller (guitarist) after he witnessed a Candlestick Park show that featured Linkin Park, Deftones, and Metallica.  Keller caught the rockstar bug and started a band called Park Lane in 2007. In 2009, Keller and current LFTF bassist, Clayton Wages released their first album under the Park Lane moniker.

In 2011, the band decided a name change was in order and the band named LFTF was born.  The band’s name comes from a song they were working on at the time. LFTF released Rebirth in 2011 and and had success with a great cover of the Beatles’ song Eleanor Rigby in 2014.  During this period the band went through several lead singers.

The start of 2016 found LFTF without a singer once again.  Keller got the idea to contact Alexa Kabazie from the band’s producer Kile Odell. Keller flew to North Carolina to audition Kabazie and found her up to the task of helping with the band’s upcoming album.


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Latest Release: Worth The Pain


Kabazie joined LFTF just in time to help with their newest album Worth The Pain released on September 9th of 2016.  Rounding out the band on this album is Cameron Stucky (guitar), Clayton Wages (bass), and Brian Sumwalt (drums).

Brian Sumwalt on drums really stuck out during the show due to his tenacious drumming. Brian sports a short, neat haircut, and eyeliner. He beats the drums like he hates everything they stand for and then some.

I had a chance to chat with Cameron Stucky after their show while buying a t-shirt and found him to be super excited about the band’s progress so far and the future of their new album. Cameron is a very nice guy and pitches in moving the band’s equipment, selling merchandise, and making music.

Worth The Pain climbed into the Top Heatseeker’s Chart, published by Billboard for new and upcoming bands. LFTF’s chart success got them noticed by bands like Art of Dying, Adelitas Way, and Black Stone Cherry and have lead to supporting tour roles with these bands.

Worth The Pain features 13 tracks filled with relationship and personal stories of struggle and triumph. These powerful pop rock tracks are showcased by Kabazie’s amazing vocals and the band’s strong musicianship.

In Conclusion

I am super stoked I took the chance on a Monday night concert at the Blue Bird Theater in Denver.  I had the chance to discover LFTF and look forward to their career as they climb to the top of the rock world.

LFTF did a great job exciting the crowd for Citizen Zero and BSC.  After LFTF’s opening set I had to pick my jaw off the theater floor and was rewarded by an amazing set by Detroit band, Citizen Zero, before BSC totally blew me away.

One thing I am quickly learning about live music concerts, is that bands that have had success and for some reason fell out of the spotlight, but want back into the spotlight are amazing to view.  These once hot bands, have the talent to put on a hell of show, have songs that most listeners are familiar with, and are trying super hard to get back on top.

BSC stated several times during their show, that if we were willing to come out on a Monday night to see them, they would give us a hell of a show. BSC played several extra songs to reward us for taking in a Monday night show and did not disappoint even one of the estimated 150 viewers.

One last side note.  Be sure to take in a show at the historic Blue Bird Theater.  This theater was built in 1913 – 1914 and hosts 55o people.  There are no seats on the lower level, but tiered standing platforms that allow for great views.  There is a bar handy for refreshment. On the balcony level are standard seats.

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