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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain- Packed With Excellent Features And Mature Themes

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the sequel of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero was released on September 2015 and it received perfect review score from various publications upon its release. The gameplay is featured with several mechanisms, emotional power, and exploration of interesting mature themes is the reason that made it popular worldwide. The Metal gear series have always brought complex plots, interesting, unexpected twist and this sequel also maintained that tradition. The voice acting echo, top-notch cinematography and various extra ordinary characters will provide exact fun to the fans. This phantom story has a very little humor though you will get to face some elements in the world that will draw a chuckle.

The Phantom story is made up with a combination of historical events of the 80’s, some of the James Bond story and bit of sci-fi dressing. This mixed up world will provide mix feelings such as sometimes it will take you to the grounded reality while it takes you high sometimes with several great effects. Here in this game, you need to go behind the enemies and penetrating the hideouts for carrying out recon and assassination. It allows the players to roam along countryside while they can also walk, crawl, climb up and sprint if required.

Why it is the highest ranked game of 2015?

Ground Zero, the previous version of this game gave us an interesting taste, but this new version ‘The Phantom Pain’ comes with more variation and cool features to make you engage for a longer period of time. It is the cool features that made this video game the highest ranked game of 2015. The reason why it is ranked highest is discussed below:

It comes with a variety of tools, though they are optional but are really varied and interesting that the players will want to try them at least once. They can be configured in multiple ways as well. Numerous weapons are there to choose and each of them brings some differences in the game. In case you are looking out for low recoil to use in the machine gun, you will get option for that also.

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The Phantom Pain comes with two-fold mission. First, it requires you to build a military force that is completely free from any of narrow-minded world powers and secondly, destroy all those selfish minded-people who take advantage of the broken global politics. It lets you experience various sub plots as well such as child soldiers, torture and the human cost of nuclear explosion that are hardly seen in any other gaming.


The gameplay elements of this Meta Gear Solid V are very similar to the ground Zeros where the players are required to sneak from various points in the game avoiding the enemy guards. Here you will play the role of Bigg boss with a nickname “Venom Snake’ in the open environment.  Binoculars, pistols, assault rifles maps and explosives are carried by Bigg boss. The phantom pain urges players to grow across the game without killing and using any non-lethal weapons. Even you can traverse the game by making use of cars or tank along with traveling on foot or horseback. The players can call many companions such as Quiet, the silent female sniper featured with supernatural abilities, D-walker, D-dog whereas these companions’ ability and effectiveness will completely depend on the relation of them with the players.


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In Ground Zeros, big boss went to coma after the destruction of MSF. But in this version Bigg Boss wakes up after 9 years to lead a mercenary group named Diamond dogs to trace the person who was responsible for the destruction of MSF. His group enters into Afghanistan and gets reacquainted with Ocelot, his former rival and meets Quiet, the female with supernatural abilities along the way. As they move forward, Bigg Boss unearths a plot to develop ST-84 ‘Sahelanthropus’, a new model of Metal Gear system.


Kojima Productions, the developer of this game has declared that they took help of English-speaking actors and stuntmen for the voice acting and motion capture. It is actor Kiefer Sutherland who provided Snake’s voice and carried out motion capture work in the game. Other voice cast members are Troy Baker as Ocelot, James Horan as Skull Face, Jay Tavare as Code Talker, Christopher Randolph as Dr. Emmerich, Robin Atkin Downes as Kazuhira Miller, and Piers Stubbs as Eli.


The mission is enthralling and takes the players to a new dimension in gameplay You will be able to enjoy a lot in the game in case you can complete it. This is a game that draws your attention in multiple directions at the same time by its open world gameplay feature.

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