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Mixed Martial Arts Workout – Ultimate Combat Fitness

Mixed Martial Arts Workout – Achieve Ultimate Fitness With Combatting Qualities

When two different worlds collide we know it could be really awesome or a total destruction. While the latter has been experienced a lot of times, the really awesome part is definitely the thing that happens when MMA, short for mixed martial arts, collides with your fitness regime. Take Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai, and Wrestling movements to create a workout session that is tough, intense, and gives you the ability to strengthen your combat skills. The entire regime provides you with total body strength and core power with increased flexibility and speed. This form of conditioning for the body is gaining a lot of popularity because of its ability to bring martial arts into the world of fitness.

Top Programs


This fitness program is hosted by one of the best nutrition gurus around – Mike Dolce. However, it is important that you like the host if you are going to start a program, so if Dolce is not your cup of tea, then you can choose from other programs.


George St. Pierre guides you in this eight week program that is about $100 and has six DVDs. The program includes a workout, nutrition, and training plans. For this program you only need one set of dumbbells that are around 25 pounds. With minimal equipment and an extensive guide, this program works well for most people who wish to pursue the MMA workout.

Touchfit: GSP

This mobile app uses the Rushfit program plus additional information. Guided by George St. Pierre, this program takes a lot of things into consideration like your recovery time and ensures that you do not end up over training yourself. You will find over 500 video demonstrations, which will help you overcome boredom by demonstrating new ways to work out. The videos are precise and useful workout lessons.


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Why Are MMA Workouts Good For You:

MMA workouts mimic fight techniques. The workouts try to throw you off balance. This forces your core muscles to work harder so that you do not topple over. The different workout sessions help you hit the deep core muscles that are not normally utilized during regular workouts. You get three things from this superb workout.

  • Sculpted abs that look like a perfect plate of armor.
  • A substantial amount of calorie burn to help you stay in shape.
  • A notable amount of improvement in endurance making you more efficient when it comes to physical activities.


Popular moves

  1. Bear Crawl

This move is achieved by starting on all fours. Next lift your knees off the floor and raising your hips a bit while bracing your core. Try to keep your shoulders and hips at the same height and move forward by putting your right foot and right hand forward at the same time. Repeat this move on the left side. Gradually try to increase your speed.

  1. Crab Walk

When you move in weird new ways, it helps you challenge your body. The crab walk is good for your heart and helps you strengthen your core, shoulders, triceps, and legs. Sit on the floor with your head facing the ceiling and your legs bent in front of you. Your feet should be on the ground and your palms on the floor by your sides. Now slightly raise your butt and chest, bracing your core as you do so. Keep your core tight and move forward slowly. Keeping crawling forward and once you get familiar with the move try to build up your speed.

  1. Burpees

This is a move that invigorates your body from head to toe. It is one of the best ways to stay in shape. You begin in the standing position and then squat down with your palms placed on the floor. Your palms should be positioned directly below your shoulders. Now move to a push up position by kicking your feet backwards. You have to reverse the movement instantly, jump up in the air, and land softly to complete one burpee.

These three are the most common MMA moves, but there are a lot more to MMA workouts than just these three moves. If you wish to stay fit with training that can help you achieve combat qualities too, then look no further. MMA workouts are the perfect fit for you.

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  1. Great article! I have done several Mixed Martial Arts workout programs and let me tell you they are effective!

  2. Great post. Always looking for a new workout and this looks really cool, plus learn some martial arts which is never a bad thing.

  3. MMA workout will get your blood pumping and help you self-defense skills. I do this workout about once a week and really like it. Lots of different moves. Never gets boring.

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