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MLB Players Wearing Snow Goggles Before Celebrating Victory

MLB teams have taken to wearing snow goggles during playoff celebrations to protect their eyes from flying champagne corks. This goggle wearing trend was started by the Baltimore Orioles after their defeat of the Toronto Blue Jays. It seems every winning team in the playoffs has adopted this trend.

Players are wearing a variety of different brands of snow goggles including models from Oakley, Nike, and Under Armor.

If players are not already endorsed by these companies to wear their goggles, they will soon will be receiving handsome checks. Expect the entire team to be wearing the same brand of snow goggles before the World Series is over.

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This trend would make players from earlier eras cringe with embarrassment. What would Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth think about this trend? They are probably rolling over in their graves.

Baseball is not known as a physical sport. Baseball is not exactly football, rugby or UFC fighting. Other than getting hit with a pitch, the second most dangerous way for a player to get injured is getting a splinter in their ass from sitting on the bench in the dugout.

Is wearing goggles during celebrations a reflection of our current society? Are we so PC and afraid of risk that we need to protect ourselves from the one-in-billion chance a wild, champagne cork will damage our eye?

The whole point of letting the cork fly and spraying champagne everywhere is to reveal in the joy of winning. Celebrating while wearing snow goggles really takes away from the joy of the celebration. It sends the message I want to party, but I don’t want to party too much!

Let’s not even get into the fact player’s are ushered into a room covered in plastic wrap. Where is the spontaneity in being careful? Isn’t the point of the celebration to get champagne everywhere?

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Can’t you just hear the team’s lawyer going, “O.k. everyone, before we start to celebrate let’s walk into this plastic covered room and put on your goggles!” Coming next year the lawyers will be saying, “Be sure to fill out all the proper release forms and put on a hazmat suit before uncorking any champagne!”

Has any player ever suffered a career ending eye injury from a violent cork strike? Was this really a problem to begin with for MLB players? Statistically a player probably has a better chance of getting hit by a meteor than losing an eye from a wild champagne cork.

Hopefully, some famous, tough guy, former player will stand up and call the current generation of players a bunch of “pussies!”

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