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Motorcycle Hill Climbing – Vertical Adventure

Adventure is loved by everyone, but when it gets extreme, all of us may not be up for it. Imagine hills covered with motorcycles racing to reach the top. It includes a daredevil attitude and a motorcycle that can pump enough power to reach the top first. Motorcycle hill climbing is an extreme sport which has a long history. It has been around for a notable period of time and the sport is gaining popularity as more riders join the community of hill climbing partly for the adventure and partly for the risks it involves.


The sport began as a mere case of showing off the abilities of a powerful motorcycle built by Indian. The founders wanted to use an innovative way of advertising the new ride so they called the press to the steepest hill in Springfield, Massachusetts. The bike zoomed up to the top of the hill leaving the press in awe of the prototype. News of the bike’s abilities augmented the sales and Indian accomplished what it wanted through this thrilling stunt.

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This awesome demonstration made it clear that hill climbing on a motorcycle was no longer a difficult job, so it became a sport for the adventure-seeking motorists. Riders began to use their usual motorcycles and located the steepest hill in the region. They staged meets and then raced each other to the top of the hill.


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Bike manufacturing companies catered to the growing needs of hill climbing riders, but the group of hill climbers remained a small community. Hill climbing started getting more recognition when the Daytona Motorsports group took over professional motorcycle racing from AMA. The AMA became the sanctioning body of the sport. DMG was created to run, promote and govern top-class motorsports. The PHCA and DMG partnered to bring motorcycle hill climbing championships to the world.

Top Championships

  1. Widowmaker Hill Climb

The Widowmaker Hill Climb is held annually or semi-annually in Croydon, Utah. It has become a popular event among the locals as well as nationwide. The popularity grew because of the difficulty level that it portrays for the riders.

  1. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

It is also known as the Race to the Clouds. It is an annual motorcycle hill climb to the summit of Pikes Peak Colorado. With more than 150 turns, the track measures 12.42 miles. The race has been taking place since 1916.

  1. Big Sky Challenge Pro Hill Climb

The Big Sky challenge pro hill climb is held at BMC in Billings, Montana.

Places To Motorcycle Hill Climb

Some of the best places to hill climb for motorcycles are Billings, Montana. The Big Sky Hill is a perfect track for hill climbers. The Pikes Peak is another place which is loved by motorcycle hill climb enthusiasts. Red Wing in Minnesota and Bay City, Wisconsin are also some of the most popular places for hill climbers. 

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Entry class – This class allows almost any motorcycle. The class allows any rider who turns up to be a part of the race. The limit for this class is 450 cc Single. It is mandatory for all the riders to wear a neck brace along with the helmet, gloves and boots. In addition to this every bike must be fitted with a dead man’s switch.

Xtreme – This class allows fours up to 700 cc and twins up to 750 cc. The rules for this class allows custom frames and any fuel up to nitrous or nitro. It also allows paddle tires which can be wrapped in chains or the ones with bolts.

Top Class – This class is for the pros only. The rules allow custom frames and running engines that are larger than 700 cc or twins larger than 750 cc. 


Motorcycle hill climb is an adventure that is gaining popularity. Many bike riders who enjoy the thrill of bike racing on hills, race each other to the top or else they race till the first person reaches the highest point if they are unable to summit the hill. The events have challenges for all bike riders. The thrill of motorcycle hill climbing is accompanied with risks as well.

The hill climb events allow for a variety of motorcycle classes to take part in the championships. Motorcycle hill climbing has seen some of the best motorcycles and some very amazing custom frames as well.

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