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My Big Butt Life: My Own March Madness by Richelle Ryan

We are honored to have have Richelle Ryan ask us if she could post her blog My Big Butt Life on TTS.  Richelle will blog about her life and and her sports addiction! 

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My Own March Madness

Well…. My favorite weekend in Vegas arrived- March Madness! Packs of men come into the City for a weekend of fun, Sports betting and absolute debauchery I Love It!!! Who would have thought at 30 years old I’s still be boy crazy?! Last Saturday night I had tickets to go to the PAC12 Championship at MGM to see Oregon vs. Utah, Lots of Utah fans in the house since they are practically Nevada’s neighbor. Oregon out the smack down on them and beat them.

After the game I was ready for some food and to continue my drinking run… You would have thought I just won a championship the way I was throwing back the whisky that night. I decided to head over to Ceasars Palace and check out the new Mr. Chow’s that opened there. It was alright to say the least…. I’ve been to the 1 in NY and they are pretty much all the same… snooty waiters, slimy chinese, but the coolest atmosphere for a resturaunt not to mention the champagne cart- I tried wheeling it out to Valet to go home with me hahaha. After dinner there is a cigar shop in Ceasars I like to check out, the smell of a good cigar turns me on and I love seeing men smoke them, I’m sure it’s pretty unattractive when a girl smokes them but hey- I’m a grown woman and pay my own bills so I can do as I please hahaha I picked up a light Don Diego 1 and started to make my way through Ceasars to figure out what I wanted to play. I LOVE video Blackjack and eventually I need to graduate to the tables but I’m too intimidated by them. I also want to learn to play Craps because I heard it’s the best odds and it’s such an interactive game among everyone at the table, I love group energy. I put in $100 into the Video Blackjack and kept myself entertained for about 45 minutes of doubling my money then shooting right back down, finally I cashed out at $96 and made my way to Roulette. I wanted to play at this 1 table but I recognized the dealer from my gym and knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. In Vegas or maybe any casino if your a dealer you can get in HUGE trouble if you personally know anyone who sits at your table, I guess they think you could be cheating or something like that. I asked the Pit Boss if he could lower the buy in at the other Roulette Table from $20 to $15 like the other table was and he did, another interesting thing I learned living out here, I had no idea they could change the buy ins. I didn’t stay out too late because I had to jet off to La on Sunday for 3 days of shooting, Thank Goodness I was already packed and ready to go… Gotta stay prepared and nothing is worse than last minute packing. Here are some sneak peek pics from my shoots in La… I got to shoot a cat fight wrestling scene which was so much fun!!! I’ve always wanted to do that, they said I was great for it because I was in shape and could really play the part. Like Duh hahahaha.

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The next day I was working with Moe the Monster for – It was such a great scene, the director said it was the best he’s shot in a while just based off everything going on and our chemistry together. Moe is someone I worked with when he 1st got in the business but I have a lot of respect for him and love his ambition, hustle and the way he carries himself on set and off, I expect we will see a lot of big things coming from him this year. After my scene i hit the gym in La, got a nice massage at burke Williams- my favorite spa then went and got my favorite- Matzo Ball Soup because my throat was sore- go figure from swallowing Moe down my throat earlier hahaha. Check out this bowl of greatness!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Matzo Ball soup and there are no places in the suburbs of Vegas that have it, crazy huh?! I guess they think there are no jews living in Vegas and I don’t want to have to shlep all the way to Carnegie Deli in the Mirage to get some. I will take recommendations if any of you might know of a hidden spot. Now the week continues and we will see who advances to the Sweet 16, Let’s hope my Bracket doesn’t get Busted….

Time to start my week off right on Monday with my typical routine- G.T.L.- Gym, Tan, Laundry! LOL!

Richelle Ryan


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  1. Love your writing style Richelle. A very honest look into your very interesting life. I look forward to future posts.

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