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My Big Butt Life: NFL Draft Weekend by Richelle Ryan

We are honored to have have Richelle Ryan ask us if she could post her blog My Big Butt Life on TTS.  Richelle will blog about her life and and her sports addiction! 

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What a weekend…. I had my 1st Feature Dance Booking in my city of Vegas on Saturday night at the World Famous Sapphire. Saying that club is huge is an understatement… it is the world’s largest Strip club so needless to say I was very nervous, but I always get nervous! Hahaha!

Before my dance gig I managed to get in a great workout, some laundry, take Icon on a walk and of course follow the NFL Draft. Thursday of course is the best day and seeing all the 1st round picks but I’m such a fan and enjoy watching it that it was a 3 day event for me. I can’t imagine how those young kids must feel getting drafted to an NFL team and fulfill their dreams, I also like to scout out the new Giants players. I was very harsh on our 1st round pick Eli Apple from Ohio… he tweeted some stupid things about the Giants back in 2012 and I made sure I posted those screen shots. I don’t hold back…EVER!!! All around I graded the Giants a B- on the Draft… I think Jerry Reese hit it out the park when we picked up Sterling Shepard the wide receiver from Oklahoma. He reminds me of a Wes Welker who can run any pattern asked with precision. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action, I think he will be Cruz’s backup in case we don’t see much salsa dancing in the end zone this season. I also liked our 4th round pick B.J. Goodson the linebacker from Clemson. I see him making a HUGE impact on our defense especially coming from working with Dan Brooks during his college career. My xance booking was Ah-Mazing!!!! My guest list was out of control and I had a ton of friends come to show support, My agent even emailed me to tell me that I was in the top 3 biggest attendances the club has had during a Feature Weekend, which basically guarantees me a re-booking. I was booked during the NFL Draft weekend because it’s pretty much a known fact that I’m a HUGE Football freak and the unofficial Ny Giants cheerleader so it was only appropriate for me to do my cheerleader show. After my show was over I joined my friends and popped a bottle of Patron and toasted to a kick ass weekend….My friends had a running head start on their drinking game, I was waaaay behind but couldn’t get too carried away, I am booked there to represent Sapphire and bottom line…. I’m a business woman and this is how I feed myself. After doing photos with fans and hanging out by 2am I was beat!!! My friends decided to stay and polish off the rest of the Patron and ended up staying at Sapphire till 7am! Haha! The next Day I was booked to host Sapphire Day pool, I LOVE LOVE LOVE pool parties. getting paid to hang in a bikini in the sun all day sounds like a great day to me 🙂 Once my hosting duties were done I headed home… All I could think of was cooking on my grill and just being with Icon. I finally learned how to use my grill ( Pause for Laughter) I made grilled shrimp – My Favorite 🙂 Grilled Sweet Corn, and salad. Perfect way to end my weekend 🙂

Off for my typical routine- G.T.L.- Gym, Tan, Laundry! LOL!

Richelle Ryan


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  1. I really like Richelle’s writing style. She is one kick ass girl! Go Girl Power!

  2. What a fun article. And that ass though!

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