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My Love Hate Relationship With College Football

The college football is a wonderful game. I love to watch it at 9:00am on Saturday and then end my night with the 5:00pm game of the week if you will on ABC. Hell, I might even catch some PAC-12 action or watch Hawaii vs. whomever all the way till 11:00pm. It gets me ready for Sunday. However I do have few issues with the game itself, the setup and the B.S. that is shoveled through our TV’s week in and week out. I figure the best way to cover this is to check them off my list, love-hate style.

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Love: The college football atmosphere inside and outside the stadium. The fans, the cheerleaders, the band, the fight songs, the mascots, the whole works. If you haven’t attend a college game, grab some buddies, do it right and tailgate, and just take in what it is like to be young. I also like the game day crew and the college weekly picks. There is no rhyme or reason why they pick the teams, but it is funny to watch them bring on a random celebrity that doesn’t know football from soccer.

Hate: The College football ranking system. It is a crock, a sham, a pile of malarkey. Some committee ranks these teams by asking a magic eight ball if they should be in the top 25. The best formula is losing early and you will be in the playoff format. Another thing I am struggling with is the idea that wins and losses truly matter. That right there is the biggest sham of all. Don’t believe me; ask any non Ohio State fan if Ohio State deserved to be in the playoff round. Ohio State lost at home to Virginia Tech. This Virginia Tech team went 3 – 5 in a porous ACC division and ended up with a 7-6 overall record. Meanwhile a TCU team that lost to the #5 Team in the country on the road misses the playoffs and is even leaped frogged (get it TCU fans) by Ohio State. Don’t let anyone tell you wins and losses matter in college football.


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Love the Rules: The college rules take away the dumb injuries and penalties that happen in the pro game. A college players are down when they hit the turf. It is simple, easy, and it makes sense. It helps avoid late hit penalties because there is no room for judgment error. I believe most rational people in this world like the overtime rules for college vs. pro, no need to cover that. I really like the stoppage of the clock to reset the ball after a first down. Think it makes sense.

Hate: The SEC bias in college football and the relative no chance any school is given to make the playoffs if they are not from a power conference. If I asked you to choose your top 10 beer-drinking friends and they competed against each other in a beer-drinking contest it would be easy to establish a ranking system based on performance. If the #1 lost to two or three you would drop them down a spot or two but never out of the rankings and replace them with a new friend. Now lets say I bring my 10 beer drinking friends to the bar one night and we have a drink off.  My 10 friends kick the crap out of your 10 friends (just like the rest of the conferences did to the SEC last year during bowl season). You probably wouldn’t go get new friends, you would just drink more beer and justify how each friend deserved to be in the top 10. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you how the SEC and the college football rankings correlate with each other.

Love to cheer for any team to cause controversy to the playoff system.

Happy Football season everyone.

Saint Jimma

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