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Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats – Soulful Music

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats is a band that is headed on the highway to success. The self-titled debut album released by Stax Records on August 21, 2015 was received positively by music critics. The seven piece is attracting a large audience since the release of its album. The universality of their appeal is based on the passionate music created by the band. The album reflects songs which are inspired by iconic songwriters like Otis Redding, Chuck Berry and Van Morrison.

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Nathaniel Rateliff grew up in Missouri. He learned to play drums when he was seven and he taught himself guitar in his teenage years. He began missionary work at the age of eighteen and gradually developed as a musician by trying out different sounds and genres. Rateliff had moved to Denver in the hopes of realizing his dreams of making it big as a songwriter and performer. He had his parents’ record collection which seems to have inspired him. He created modern music, somewhere in his creations, hints of his parents’ collection were hidden.

Similar influences can be found in the debut album of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats as well. Nathaniel has a strong voice which works perfectly for their debut album. Nathaniel had established himself in the realms of music with his 2010 release – In Memory of Loss released by Rounder Records. He played in rock and roll bands and some of his independent releases have been poignant and pensive songs.

The Stax release has been a complete overhaul of his personality. The album is a house-rocking affair which draws heavily on R&B, rock and roll and soul. While Reteliff’s songs have always had intense emotions, the vocals of the album have made his fans applaud the display of emotions.

Essential Tracks

With just one release, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats have produced some great songs in their self-titled album. The album’s opening song – I Never Get Old is a feet-stomping, horn-driven affair. The message is simple, the song reminds you to live and never look back.

I’ve Been Falling with the upright piano and handclaps is a song that delves deep into vintage Morrison. Trying So Hard Not To Know attempts to revitalize the historic Stax ethos and I’d Be Waiting For is a beautiful love song with hints of jazz. The absolutely lovely, Wasting Time, is another soulful track.

S.O.B is another song which has been loved by fans. The song goes from wordless, hummed vocals accompanied by handclaps to a full-throated roar.

Why will they be big stars?

Rateliff’s world-weary tenor and his deeply expressive lyrics place him at a whole new level when we think of revivalists.


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The band promises vintage music in a conventional garb. The perfect blend of instruments to create music that touches the soul makes this band one of the best upcoming bands. The passion with which the seven piece creates music makes them stars of the future.

In an era where going digital has turned music into electronic beats and three worded lyrics, this album is a breath of fresh air. The feeling of nostalgia created by the songs shows the potential of the artists to be great stars.

Band Members

Nathaniel Rateliff is the primary artist and the composer. He heads the band and is the man behind the thought provoking lyrics. Joseph Pope III creates the awesome guitar notes. Patrick Meese is on the drums while other band members are Luke Mossman, Mark Shusterman (keyboards), Wesley Watkins and Andy Wild. The team has been able to prove their mettle with their first album. Fans have been left wanting for more and expectations rise as fans await their next album. Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats are bound to leave the world foot stomping to their music. The way the band creates music, we have no doubt that the innovative music band will be attracting more and more fans following its future releases.


Last Impressions

Admiration for Nathaniel Rateliff stemmed from his mellow song writing skills which were showcased in his solo pursuits, but putting together the band and bringing music which reminds us of the old songs and yet has an ultra-modern touch to it has been a plausible thing. The band is a welcome change from the usual music that we have been listening to. With hints of nostalgia this forward-thinking Americana music band is at its absolute finest. This band has the potential to take over the world with its amazing music and lyrics.

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