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Kelleigh Bannen: New Country Music Singer

Kelleigh Bannen


Kelleigh Bannen was born in 1981 at Pontiac, Michigan. Her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was three years old and this is where she lived almost all her life. At age two, Kelleigh’s mom saw that her daughter had a talent in music when little Kelleigh was trying to write her first song, which was inspired from the Sesame Street. At five years old, Kelleigh was able to play the Suzuki violin very well and her talent impressed everyone who saw her play.

Even though Kelleigh was already musically inclined during her early years, it wasn’t until she was in her twenties when her music career started. Kelleigh admits that she set her musical dreams aside when she was in college and decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. However, it didn’t take long before Kelleigh was back to doing music once again. She joined a vocal ensemble while she was in University of Virginia and then she started writing songs with passion.

Kelleigh relocated to Atlanta where she further honed her songwriting skill. She had her first open mic night at Eddie’s Attic. She realized that in order to keep her career in music alive, she has to go back to her own hometown, Nashville.

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Kelleigh loved to write songs and she really enjoyed performing for her audience. She met her future husband when she sang on a college event. They eventually married and Kelleigh entered the jewelry business. She still continued writing songs and singing, and her husband encourages her to pursue her dreams in music.

In 2008, Kelleigh assembled a band and released an independent album, which she called Radio Skies. The critics had good reviews about her album and the sales were modest.

In 2009, she embarked on her 90 Days 90 Gigs Tour, which really sparked her budding career in the music industry. Kelleigh dedicated her 90 days tour to her younger brother Grant, who died after battling addiction. Her tour caught the attention of Paul Worley, which ultimately led to a record deal.

In 2012, EMI gave Kelleigh a record deal and she released her first single called Sorry On the Rocks. Her first single was a minor hit and climbed up to the 48 spot on the country singles chart.

Kelleigh returned in early 2014 with a second single called Famous. Her new song was a hit and was played in every country radio stations.


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Kelleigh’s Biggest Hits

Sorry On the Rocks

Kelleigh’s first debut single was Sorry On the Rocks and it peaked at number 48 on the US Country chart and 41 on the US Country Airplay. It was also included in the Hot Country Songs of 2012.


Kelleigh released her second single called Famous in 2014, which was, by far, her biggest hit since her first single in 2012. Famous is all about a witty revenge towards an unfaithful boyfriend, which made a good impression on the country radio. Famous was listed as number 46 on the US Country and 49 on the US Country Airplay.

You Are What You Love

Her third single was called You Are What You Love, which was also well received by her fans and country listeners. It was also released in 2014 and it peaked at number 59 on the US Country Airplay. Kelleigh wanted to put all her songs into one album, which was entitled TBD.

Other notable songs worth mentioning are Kelleigh’s duet song with Patrick Mayberry, which was called Kingdom Reign and her 2008 album entitled Radio Skies.

Why Kelleigh Will Be A Big Star

Kelleigh has a natural talent for songwriting that makes her very unique among other country singers. She is the complete package because she has the voice, the beauty and the charisma to be a big star. She stands 5 feet 7 inches and she has a beautiful smile, which can charm everyone in the audience. Her voice is very powerful and it commands attention. She is an engaging new country artist that everyone wants to see perform on stage.

She is very loyal to country music. Even though her vocal prowess can fit into any music genre, she still prefers to sing country. This is what endears her to her fans because she truly loves her craft and her music. Kelleigh says that she grew up listening to country music and it made her passionate towards creating and writing songs. She has gained much attention with her songs Sorry On the Rocks and Famous, and this is just the beginning of her journey towards success and being a future country superstar singer.

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