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6 Reasons Photography Sucks Donkey Balls!

Lets be honest. There are some really sucky things about photography!

First off photography is silly expensive. A person has to be Oprah rich to get some shots. For example those massive, howitzer cannon lenses you see on the sidelines of NFL football games can cost $20,000. This photograph below is captured with middle of the road equipment and even at that I invested about $3,000 to get the shot!
photography tips photo

Which leads to my second gripe! To get the photo above I had to get up before sunrise and be in position as the sun was poking over the Sapphire Mountains of Montana. The reason for this is because some sick bugger decided that one of the best times for lighting would be in the early morning. I detest getting up early! If I was king the best light would be after lunch. Then a photographer could sleep in, relax in the morning, get a nice lunch and then worry about capturing the best light!

My third gripe is that evening is also a great time to capture great light. So while I was capturing the shot below my buddies were enjoying themselves during happy hour at the local saloon. By the time I showed up to quench my thirst the cocktails were double the price, all the appetizers were eaten, and my buddy already had a date with the hottie waitress.

photography tips photo

My next whine is that if a photographer is going to get up early and stay out late the possibility of getting hot or cold is very good. To get the shot below, I had to get up at 4 a.m. and lay on cold stones with the camera upside down one inch off the ground for about two hours! By the time I got back to my car my teeth were chattering and my nipples were as hard as little erasers!

photography tips photo

My fifth whine is that some post shooting work must be done and none of it is fun. To start the tedious editing process I go through the the shots in my camera and conduct a quick edit of the obviously bad clicks. Then I will download the day’s captures on the porn generator and use editing software to do the next levels of editing that can take hours and cause a bloody hemroids from all the sitting.


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My final whine and I have more, but I will try to stay positive, is that most of my photos captured are destined for the electronic waste basket. I have done the math over the last couple of years and my success rate of clicks to printable photographs in my critiquing process is about 1 in 50. That is a horrible average and would never win a batting title! For example the capture below requires a long exposure. Long exposure shots are tricky and require a lot of trial and error!

photography tips photo

So in summary photography is super expensive, makes a person get up early and stay out late, exposes them to the elements, bores them with editing, and is very ego deflating with all the deletes. But damn is it fun and I can’t wait for my next opportunity to shoot!

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