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On A Budget? Buy Used Photography Gear

If you are on a budget like I am, every dollar spent on photography gear has to count. Photography gear is damn expensive, no way around it! When I first started looking at camera bodies and lenses I noticed that stores like Adorama and B&H Photo, not endorsed by either, offered new and used equipment. At first I was damn cautious of used equipment. I didn’t want to buy someone else’s junk or problem equipment. However, when all the pennies were counted, and the stack was small, the only way I could afford a decent camera body and lens was to buy used.

When I received my first used body and lens in the mail, I opened the box with apprehension. I was thinking the equipment would be beaten like an egg scrambler after years of photographing Tibet until the photographer was tired of fighting the gear and sold it off at an Asian pawn shop. However, I opened the outside packing box to find my camera and lens in brand new manufacturer’s boxes. New manuals for the equipment were also included. In fact I could not tell this equipment was not brand new! I was shocked!

Take the photo below for an example.

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This capture was taken with a used camera and lens. The camera body is two models behind the current model. Guess what? My used, old girl still takes good clicks!

I have news for you folks. The best, latest, and greatest camera your favorite manufacture makes will not take better photos than a mid-range camera that first debuted 4 years ago. What you are paying for with the latest and greatest equipment? Prestige of owning the newest stuff and more options.


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I have a buddy that has the top of the line camera for a certain manufacturer. We went out shooting one day together. He was strutting around like a peacock with his new gear telling me about all the specs. and awesomeness of the new camera smell. At the end of the day we downloaded our day’s work on the porn generator and what did we find? My clicks were the same as his clicks. He deflated like a car’s tires that had just ran over a thousand nails. Plus I had enough money in my pocket for a couple of frosty, malt beverages. He drank tea!

Lets look at the photo below for example:

photography tips photo

This photo is going to look the same whether you use a $4,000 camera body or a used $500 camera body. Now I will concede you get what you pay for with lenses. However, a used lens will produce the same results as a new lens of the same model. So why pay more? If you have more money than Oprah buy new by all means!

Now if you read the reviews of folks buying used equipment of course there are always horror stories. I take reviews with a massive grain of salt. You never know what is surrounding the mad reviewer’s post. So if you receive used equipment that sucks rotten eggs, send it back! This can happen with new equipment too!

I have been using this used gear for over two years now and I have had no issues with it!


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