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Sydney Ferris Wheel

Plastic Bags! Don’t Leave Home Without One!

Something as simple as a plastic bag can make or break a photo shoot! I am talking just the simple, free bags given with groceries and many other purchases.  A bag is easy to put in the back pocket, weighs next to nothing, and has a multitude of uses.  
Let’s examine the photo below.  I just happened to have a plastic bag in my back pocket, which was wonderful, because I spent 2 hours under the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia waiting out a rainstorm.  I used the bag to sit on a damp piece of concrete keeping my bum nice and dry. It is not fun to have a wet bum!  Especially since I could see a nice cozy pub from my vantage point under the bridge. I knew if waited out the storm in the cozy pub my photo shoot dreams would go down as fast as the first four pints. 
Sydney Harbor Bridge

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Another great use for a plastic bag is to protect your expensive camera gear. I will tolerate a bit of rain on my camera and lens.  However, at some point it is time to protect your gear.  Sure there are many fancy pants, protective bags out there, but a free plastic bag works just fine.  Rip a hole in the end of the bag about the size or your lens and then place the bag around your gear.  I often use the bag’s handle to secure the bag to the back of the camera or tripod.  In the photo below it was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.  Using the technique above I was able to get the shot and my camera gear still works. If you really want to go first class use a rubber band or painter’s tape to customize your protective bag.
Sydney Opera House Butterfly 
If you read my last blog post. Which only my mom and drunk uncle did, you will know I always leave my knee pads in the car.  I plastic bag works great, well great might be an exaggeration, let’s say the bag will keep your knees dry. Of course the bag provides no padding, but hopefully it will keep you from walking around all day with wet, soggy pants.  In the shot below, of course my knee pads were nice and dry back in the car, so I used a plastic bag to keep my knees sand free! So I suppose your going to ask, how come I can remember a bag and not my knee pads? Read my last reason and you will understand why!


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Now I always advocate leaving nature exactly how you found it. One should never pick a flower or remove an object from it’s natural environment.  However, when a person can pick a flower, like in a garden or when no one is looking, a free plastic bag is perfect to haul the booty back to the macro studio.  In the photo below it was very windy on this particular day, which makes macro flower photography just about impossible.  I was in a garden, so I looked all directions and went ahead and placed the red hibiscus into my free plastic bag all nice and cozy right next to the water bottle that was soon going to create the fake raindrops on it’s petals!
The final reason I will offer for carrying a cheap, plastic bag and its the most important one, is that sometimes a person needs to go potty and there is not a restroom in site!  No photo to support this reason!
Sydney Ferris Wheel At Night


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