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President Obama’s Stance with ISIS

President Obama’s strategy for dealing with ISIS is in question now more than ever. With a week- long itinerary which included the G-20 summit in Turkey to meeting the Asia-Pacific leaders. President Obama’s trip was dominated by the Paris attacks, conflicts raging in Middle East and political warfare in Washington.

Obama is facing criticism from the Republicans on the administration’s decision to accept 10,000 refugees from Syria. At the same time, French president François Hollande finds Obama’s response to the Paris attacks to be substantially weaker than what he had expected. Hollande is looking for global support to fight the terrorist group and will arrive in Washington to discuss the efforts of Obama in fighting the ISIS.

The United Nations Security Council has asked all the member states to take all necessary measures to defeat the ISIS which is “a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security” according to the United Nations.

Obama exhibited sorrow at the thought of deploying US troops to the Middle East war because terrorism is not only limited to the Middle Eastern countries. The Paris attacks prove that terrorists can attack any city or country creating a state of panic throughout the globe.

The Pentagon had released a report which detailed the latest deaths of Iraqi civilians in the many airstrikes conducted by it against the ISIS. While it is being demanded that air strikes should increase and US Special Forces should be deployed against the ISIS, the report showed that an American airstrike killed a car full of women and children who were escaping the city and were held up at an ISIS checkpoint. The delay was considered suspicious and the car was targeted by the American A-10 pilot. The scope of error and the possibilities of killing civilians make many attacks difficult to accomplish.


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The government may face continuous pressure to target the ISIS faster and accomplish more results, but with the possibilities of hostage situations and other risks accompanying a ground attack, the administration is still considering its options.

Obama warns that the leaders should not react to the Paris attacks in a way that shows heightened fear because that is exactly what the terrorists are aiming for. Instead, he urges leaders to show stoicism and not to play into the hands of the terrorists by showing fear.

In his speech in Turkey, Obama mentions that the ultimate goal of USA is to degrade and destroy ISIS which is a barbaric terrorist organization. So far, Obama’s attempt is to convey a balance by being aggressive to the terrorist attacks but at the same time being compassionate about the refugee crisis. Skeptics found Obama’s decision to accept refugees as a security threat to the country.

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The administration has been able to bring forward the many successes that have been achieved since the US led coalition began its campaign against ISIS. However these achievements seem to have been overshadowed by the Paris attacks. Americans fear a repeat of the attacks on their own soil. Doubtful citizens are of the opinion that President Obama may not have clear plans for defeating the militant group.

Most of the Americans are also of the opinion that ground troops should be deployed to contain the ISIS threats before they target USA. Even the acceptance of Syrian refugees is being met by criticism. Obama hopes to ignite compassion among the people of USA in order to accept the refugees. Undoubtedly, everyone is asking for stricter screening process before accepting the refugees so that threats can be minimized.

Many people find his stance against the ISIS after the Paris attack to be weaker than what was required. With the political conflicts raging in Washington, he has to build a stronger character. President Obama has swayed the crowds with his remarkable speeches. However his most recent thoughts on dealing with the ISIS have been perceived to be ambiguous.

President Obama had mentioned that the threat from ISIS had been largely contained. This was said just hours before the attack in Paris. There are no easy answers to the threat posed by ISIS and America has to emerge as a strong nation that can battle these threats without stepping back. Across the President’s two terms, he has been able to create a big difference when it comes to terrorism and the people of USA are looking for the same approach to combat the ISIS threats. While Obama is being defensive in his speeches, this is a time to give the nation a surge of energy through a speech that shows the power of USA.

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