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The Oregon coast has more than its share of cool looking ocean rocks and sand to go with them.

Oregon coast is famous for some serious, bad, cold, windy weather and cool-looking cliffs and indescribable scenery everywhere you look down the 363-mile long coast.

The indescribable scenery along the Oregon coast, if you are lucky to catch one of the nice clear days without dense fog or beating winds, is nothing short of breath taking. I don’t think there is any coastline anywhere in the world that can beat the Oregon coast for scenery. Yeah okay, the weather sucks most of the time (I think I said that), but that’s a minor inconvenience when you actually see what I am talking about.

Haystack Rock on Cannon beach should never be missed on any trip to the Oregon coast. Haystack Rock is a monolith (single massive rock), which rises 235ft out of the ocean. It is the 3rd largest structure of its kind in the world that can be reached by foot during low tide (Wikipedia).


Somewhere along Cannon beach


I really don’t know how you could come to the Oregon coast and not be totally blown away by some of the famous lighthouses. There are 11 lighthouses on the coast, and 9 are on the National Registry of Historic Places. 7 of these lighthouses are open to the public and most are still in working order and are active (Oregoninfo.com). As you can imagine, there have been more than a few shipwrecks along the rugged Oregon coast in days past and maybe even future.


One of the things that the Oregon coast is most famous for, other than its nummy west coast food, (such as steamed mussels and clams), is its wonderful campgrounds. We are talking car camping here – hook-ups, running water, hot showers and much much more in the line of modern convenience. I mean if you are a camper you will not suffer much at the Oregon coast campsites, which are mostly tents, trailers and/or RVs. Each campsite is enclosed with soaring always green greenery and cypress trees, which makes the entire experience very private and quiet in a public campground that is always packed to over-flowing– Privacy RIGHT? No really, you feel like you are all alone until you look beyond the shrubs and trees.


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One of the most famous car camping parks and the one I particularly love is named Jessie Honeyman State Park. What’s great about Honeyman is the extreme sand dunes right next to the camp area. That’s right! Sand dunes that go right down to the ocean on west side and right next to the highway on the east side.

Now, what do you suppose you can do on sand dunes? Yep, you guessed it. You can rent a four-wheeler and go nuts. Now, remember this is a family vacation thingy, so you have to take Gramma wherever she wants to go – and you even have to be nice to her sometimes. Well, as it turns out that isn’t so bad. Gramma popped wheelies like nobody’s business


Not really Gramma, but sort of what she looked like popping wheelies and she only tipped her four-wheeler over twice. The second time was sort of a pain, since we had to run down the dunes to rescue her and catch the four-wheeler before both went into the water. To watch Gramma helmet-up for safety’s sake was the beginning of a thrilling time on the dunes for the family. Gramma is the one in the picture below that didn’t shave her legs and sort of looks like a younger dude.



And they’re off. In the above picture, Gramma is the one in the lead looking behind to see what serious damage she can do. Gramma on a four-wheeler on the sand dunes in Oregon is nothing short of a big time thrill.

Now after the thrill of the sand dunes, we rested for the night. We had no idea what was going to happen the next day, but we could only dream on a good nights sleep in a super comfy bed after a great fast seafood meal that we did not have to cook or clean up after. That’s way I like NOT camping out. Been there – done that as the saying goes.

Next day found us strolling on the beach in front of our hotel. We were looking at and listening to the ocean. The day was clear and sunny. The temperature was slightly cool, but warm. And believe it or not, the wind was mild for the Oregon coast.


And here comes Gramma. She was running down the bank to where we had set up camp for the day with a bag in her hand. “Fly the Monarch,” Gramma gleefully yells. We all sort of looked at each other dumb founded. Do we dare, we all thought? What does she have up her sleeve now, we wondered.

OMG! Gramma brought a kite. For real, she did! I didn’t really think she would or could or was even capable of thinking that far ahead.


Now that was pretty darn awesome on her part, and a very cool thing to do that day. There were hundreds of kites all up and down the expansive beach, but the Monarch was the coolest and flew the best. The monarch stayed in the air all afternoon, and it really did look like the little plastic kite became alive the entire time she glided in the skies.


And away she goes; higher and higher like a bald eagle or something like that. The monarch looked very proud to be on the family vacation. Do you remember #1 of Family Vacation series where I rambled something about everyone that gets to come has to add something to the trip. I guess Gramma pulled her weight and did her bit that afternoon.

But sadly, even that fine day had to come to a close sooner or later. But not before we got to see a real Oregon coast boat harbor at sunset. Without a doubt, I think most of us will have fond memories of this family vacation for a long time to come. Nobody said we would take another road trip all together in a small, cramped car, however.

Til Next Time,


P.S. Next we go to Russia. I will be rambling on and on about Moscow in the #1 of the series & St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in the #2 of series. Stay turned or miss out on the delightful ramblings of true Russian-made Vodka.

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