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Resident Evil: Origins Collection – Fear Revisited

Resident Evil 0 was released as a prequel to the 2002 Resident Evil. Both the games created ripples in the gaming community with its incredible graphics and outstanding fear-inducing atmosphere. The Resident Evil – Origins Collection combines Resident Evil 0 with Resident Evil in stunning HD graphics. With better sound, new controls and enhanced graphics the game is just spectacular.  It was released on January 19th, 2016 in North America and on January 22nd in Europe.

What to Expect?

The old story gets a revamped look with better graphics and high resolution. Now you can play the game in the usual 4:3 and in the wider 16:9 screen as well. You will find this to be perfect if you are going to play the game in a wide screen TV. The game also introduces new controls. For those who prefer the traditional controls, Capcom gives you the option to play it with the old controls as well. You can achieve the perfect sound environment by setting the controls to match your needs.

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New Features

A new game mode has been added which is known as the Wesker mode. Once you complete the game, the Wesker Mode is activated and you can then play as Wesker in his Resident Evil 5 incarnation. This new mode is amazing with Wesker’s outstanding abilities to take down enemies with ease.


In the year 1998, an Umbrella owned train is attacked by a swarm of leeches. The city’s Special Forces division, Special Tactics and Rescue Services (STARS) is sent to investigate some unusual murders that have occurred in Raccoon city. Rebecca Chambers is a part of the six members of the team. On their way to the murder scene, their helicopter crash lands in a forest because of engine troubles.


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The team finds an upturned prisoner transport vehicle and finds cruelly murdered bodies of police officers. A piece of document found on this site shows that a prisoner was being transported who was wanted for murder. The name of the prisoner is Billy Coen who is an ex-lieutenant. The team decides to split so that they can capture the murderer.

Rebecca set out alone to search the forest and finds the same train from earlier and enters to find zombies in it. She teams up with Billy Coen. The two are confronted by a strange man who had overseen the attack on the train by the leeches. A group of Umbrella soldiers are taking the train to an unknown location, but they are killed by an attack of leeches. Rebecca and Billy apply the brakes on the speeding train to avert the train from colliding with a building.

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They find out that the abandoned building is a training facility for future executives of Umbrella Corp which is a pharmaceutical company. The two find out that the founder of the facility, Dr. James Marcus, had been successful in discovering the Progenitor virus in 1960s and he had found it to be capable of becoming a biological weapon. He used the virus to create the T-virus by combining it with leech DNA. The T-virus caused rapid mutations in living organisms leading to the creation of zombies and monsters.

Rebecca and Billy after a series of events, find the leech controlling man and identify him as Marcus. A decade ago, Marcus had been assassinated, but during the last moments of his death, Marcus’ queen leech entered his body and he was able to live again. Marcus mutates into a gigantic leech monster. Rebecca and Billy kill Marcus by exposing him to the sunlight. The two run into the forest and find an old mansion. Billy escapes after thanking Rebecca and Rebecca walks into the mansion to investigate the whereabouts of her team members.

The game ends here and leads to the beginning of Resident Evil which shows how the player goes through the mansion finding out different documents about the experiments using the T-Virus. The game ends when the player manages to escape the facility on a helicopter as the entire building is destroyed by explosives through self-destruct.


The Resident Evil – Original Collection is being played by Resident Evil fans who enjoy the game at a whole new level. With the stunning graphics and amazing sound, the game renders a superior gaming experience for players. As modern technology meets one of the most amazing games ever designed, the result is spectacular. Released on January 19, 2016, Resident Evil – Original Collection is being talked about and revered by gamers worldwide.

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