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Rosebud Social: New York Days

For 15 years Rosebud Social rocked the Twin Cities area. They have recently disbanded, but guitarist/vocalist/spokesman, Tom Keteri continues playing with his new project Won Raido. 

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Rosebud Social – “New York Days” (2012)

I’m very happy to share something with you this week that you’ve never heard before. A few days ago an old friend of mine from back in high school – a guy who I’d lost contact with over the years but through the miracle of Facebook, as so often happens these days, have been back in touch with recently – a musician kind of guy, drummer, posted this song on his Facebook page. It’s an original song, performed by his long running band Rosebud Social, titled “New York Days.” Well, you know right away what I was thinking: “Hmmm, seems perfect for this blog I know about…” So I shot dude a message asking him to tell me a bit about the song and video and to give me a bit of “introductory” who/what/where infomation about the band Rosebud Social and the song “New York Days.” In response, I instead heard back from guitarist/vocalist/spokesman, Tom Keteri.


“Rosebud Social has been actively playing since 1992 and the core members (Pat Olds, drums, and Tom Keteri, vocals and guitar) have travelled many miles together, and the band has outlived most of their influences. Joel Moede (bass player of 20 years, stood down in 2010 to have a family) and was replaced by Brian Kislia of “The Swing Dogs,” a Minneapolis blues rock band. Brian brings organizationl skills to the band and having been the singer in his band he also opens the door to more vocal range on the back ups. he was the guitar player and songwriter in “The Swing Dogs” so the writing has also been enhanced and we are not such a one trick pony.

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Our influences range from old Country to Metal and everywhere in-between, we all have our “favorites” as a band and definately have a “continuity”, but we are a mix of Soul Asylum, The Replacments, and most of the “other usual suspects” from the Midwest.”

As for the song itself?

“The song was written from the standpoint of never experiencing New York in the “physical sense,” it was a dreamt up interpretation of someone from the Midwest moving there and isolating one person (in this case a girl) that you see every day on her schedule among the thousands of people on the street and sort of occupying your day with what you would say and do, had you had the chance to meet her.

The song was written several years ago, in ten or fifteen minutes, before attending a Jayhawks concert on the North Shore of Lake Superior in the dead of winter The isolation of Minnesota’s North Shore and the isolation of being amongst so many people in New York (although completly different in fabric) is what we shot for when writing the song. The two situations are so different, but also alike.

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The song was written shortly before Ryan Adams released the album “Gold” in 2001, which contains the song “New York, ” so there was never a big push on our part to market this song back then because of the similarity of the content. The original song, (that is heard in the video) is the version we will be finally releasing on our new C.D. We always felt it was too good to be a b-side piece, and now with the tradgedy of the events of 9/11 at a respectable distance in the past and no “New York” songs out there at the moment, we feel it is time to finally release it.

The video was produced by Justin Olds and was a pretty accurate interpretation of what we wanted for the song.we are looking forward to working with Justin again in the future as he really captured the feeling of the song.”

The new CD Tom mentioned is due out sometime in the first half of 2012. The guys are in the studiotoday actually, working on this and other original material. I’ll have more information on how you can get a copy of the CD as it becomes available over at ThisAintTheSummerOfLove. So here you go…your first listen to “New York Days.” The band, again, is called Rosebud Social.

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