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Adventures With Jayde: Scoring In Miami

Hello Jayde here.

Just back from a writing gig in Los loco Miami. Apparently it was a riot because I came back with a nasty rash all over my body and a fever I have been having the most difficult time getting over. But my stubborn ass refuses to go to the doctor for anything other than a severed limb. 

So Miami: The cons. I am severely allergic to high doses of UV rays. This is why I am nocturnal. Well, I decided to sunbathe and fell asleep from the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves and slow blowing breeze. Even under an umbrella I ended up overheating and woke up in the ER from a heat stroke. Needless to say Miami left me with the souvenir of a nasty ass rash all over my body from my allergy.

Pros: I met this pretty, hot stripper at this cabaret that starts with an S and sweet talked her back to my hotel room. We spent the night partying and partying until the morning light became too bright. I started feeling like a crackhead still partying while the sun is beaming too brightly through the cracks of the window shades. Finally I had to ask her to leave so I could sleep.


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The next afternoon I called her to hang out since I had so much fun with her the night/morning before. We decided to sunbathe on the private beach of my hotel and I suppose the beach, the breeze,  and the ocean waves brought on a romantic aura as we started making out. I didn’t realize how just nitty gritty we got until we were asked to leave because we were making the other guests uncomfortable. Lame!! Who doesn’t love a girl on girl show?!? Fuck ’em!

Well, we kittishly went back up to my room and stripped off our clothes (touche), jumped in the shower and continued where we left off. I fingered her in the shower before the steam over heated the both of us and we decided to move the passion onto the bed wet, wet and all fucking wet.

I ate her kitty until she begged me to taste mine.

I digress—I have never scissored a chick before, but somehow we ended up in this position and I’ll tell you this much.. I think I have found my new favorite type of porn to masturbate to on those rare, lonely nights.

After we both came numerous times I was exhausted. I have this weird thing about people sleeping over after sex so I politely gave her cab fare and she left. Let’s just say I slept like a porn star after a 15 man gang bang.

I see her again next Thursday in Vegas.

Yours Lewdly,

Jayde Onyx Lei

FRay24 asks: Strippers usually have an agenda when you ask them to leave with you. They are usually asking for some sort of “reimbursement” for their time. How did you find yourself in this predicament?

Jayde: No. I never pay for anything other than my own bills. I do not know if it is the fact I “make it rain” on them when they dance or most of them are just simply bisexual. Either way, I am told I have an innate ability to make people comfortable possibly because I am so open and blunt. Whatever it maybe, strippers love me and I love me some beautiful strippers!

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