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Self-Limiting Movement – Exercises That Are Too Hard To Do Wrong

The form and posture of your body play a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of an injury and enforcing proper body mechanisms. The self-limiting movement exercises are fast becoming the buzzwords in the world of fitness. The concept of limiting your body movements is fairly new and is yet to be embraced by everyone, but the fact that proper functional movement of your body can ensure the right posture and prevent injuries, makes it an imperative.

What Is Self-limiting Exercise?

Exercises require movement and if you are not able to move correctly, then you are not getting the most out of the exercise you are performing. Self-limiting aims at combatting the negative effects of poor movement patterns.

In order to achieve good form, if you use the traditional exercises then you have to keep a dozen things in mind to ensure that you are doing it right. If you do not do it correctly then chances are that you would either end up with a sloppy form or you would injure yourself.

Self-limiting exercises on the other hand, are exercises that you could hardly do the wrong way. These are hard to mess up because if you do it incorrectly, you get to know it automatically and the exercise coerces you to focus on what you are doing.

Self-limiting exercises enforce proper body mechanisms naturally. The exercise requires mindfulness so that you are aware of the movement, alignment, balance as well as control. It requires high amounts of energy for you to do these exercises. This is because you do not only need to do it physically, but the absolute level of engagement required in the exercise demands a lot metabolically.


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Examples Of Self-limiting Exercises

Any exercise that limits you so that your body goes into auto-correct mode is a self-limiting exercise. Some examples are:

  • Barefoot running: The simplest form of a self-limiting exercise is barefoot running. Without the extremely comfortable trainers you use during your workouts, your feet will react to pain and your body will correct its posture if it feels that something is not being done correctly.
  • Jumping Rope: This is another exercise which is perfect to remind you of your posture. While jumping rope, if you get tired and start slouching, then the rope will hit you bringing you back into the world advising you to either take a break or end your session of jumping rope. Additionally, jumping rope is a great core exercise and you also end up losing extra weight.
  • Running up a steep hill or pushing a heavy sled: When you are pushing something heavy enough, your body starts to react, this is exactly why pushing a heavy sled is considered to be a self-limiting exercise. As you pick momentum, chances are you are boosting your health and posture.
  • Half-kneeling, anti-rotation press: This is another exercise which requires you to be attentive to your body postures.

These are some of the exercises that you can perform if you are taking up the self-limiting exercise. However, the list is longer and the ones I have mentioned are just a few examples of the exercise option available.

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My goal is to be practical and efficient when it comes to exercising. While many may find the self-limiting exercises to be too simple for their glamour filled gym routines, but the truth is that these exercises can keep you fit and healthy and help you achieve your health dreams. You may think that running barefoot or jumping rope is ridiculous. But science proves it that this can be one of the most effective self-limiting exercises in the world.

Lack of co-ordination and stamina in a particular movement can result in inefficient movement. You must try to correct these movements and rest for a while. Once you have rested, you can try doing the same exercise by keeping the pain in mind. You should also try other exercises that can help alleviate the pain before you go back to the usual exercising.


Take a look at your current fitness regime and see what exercises your work out consists of. Now check if self-limiting exercises can replace some of the exercises in your regime. Once you accommodate the self-limiting exercises into your daily health and fitness work out, you will find yourself growing nimbler, and you will look and feel much better as you get the ability to move correctly.

Once you understand what the right posture for your body is, you will realize how wrong you were when it came to your body posture.

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