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Best Situational QB’s

Lets be honest here, the quarterback is the most important position on a football team. Since we were kids, we always had the most athletic and usually the tallest kid as QB on our playground team. So I figured I would do a list of the best situational QBs that have ever played the game of football.

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Top Fantasy QB: Aaron Rodgers. The guy is fantasy football players dream. High completion percentage, low interceptions, can throw deep with accuracy, capable of 4 touchdowns and 350 yards a game. Basically if you are playing against him in fantasy football, you feel you could have a 50-50 chance of winning.

Runner UP: Randal Cunningham. They guy did it all, ran, passed, never got sacked, just chucked and ducked. He was the fantasy QB before fantasy really got popular.

Top Regular Season QB: Peyton Manning. Is there really any other QB during the regular season that did better, that each time you watched him play you were confident in his abilities to win a regular season game. (We are talking Colt Peyton and first year Denver Bronco Peyton, not that shell of a Peyton playing now).

Runner up: Brett Farve. I am personally not a fan of Brett Farve, but the guy won games. He wasn’t afraid to throw the game-winning touchdown or the game costing INT, he just threw it. I really thought Brett Farve could win every regular season game year in and year out.


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Top Playoff QB: Tom Brady. Say what you want about, Tom Brady but the guy wins playoff games consistently. He can beat you in a shootout, he can win a close one, and he can blow you out. Every playoff game he played, I would never bet against him and on sheer principal.

Runner Up: John Elway. Another QB that I am just not a fan of and I even grew up in Colorado. Elway won playoff games with his arm, with his legs, with just plain will. I cheered so hard for him to lose every playoff game possible, and the guy just somehow won time in and time out. I am willing to bet that you will never see an Elway Jersey in Cleveland. I believe it is a state law and could get you 10 to 25 years jail time if ever caught wearing one there.

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Super Bowl QB: Joe Montana. He was never the biggest, fastest, strongest arm, but there is no QB I would want leading my team in a Super Bowl. The guy just won the big game. He was calm and cool. He utilized what he had. He was accurate, efficient and handled the big stage better than anyone else. Montana will always be the best big game quarterback of all time.

Runner Up: Terry Bradshaw. I saw him more as a big game manager. Didn’t make mistakes and had a great defenses to bail him out even if he did. You still have to give him credit for going 4 and 0 in Super Bowls.

Have a better QB in one of these spots, then lets hear it.

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  1. Great article. I thing Dan Marino is the best regular season quarterback and with Terry Bradshaw’s record I think he is the best super bowl quarterback, but I still enjoyed the article.

  2. Very interesting. I agree based on Bradshaw’s record alone he should be the best superbowl QB of all time.

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