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Star Wars: Battlefront – An Aesthetically Pleasing Game

Star Wars video games have fueled the dreams of many players around the world. Most of the video games have been based directly on movies. Star Wars video games have been a part of the earliest gaming consoles. Since the beginning of the Star Wars movie franchise in 1977, the games have gained popularity year after year and are now focusing on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The latest creation of the Star Wars Universe is Star Wars: Battlefront. The video game has been developed by DICE which is owned by Electronic Arts (EA).


The game does not follow a storyline of its own. The game is a representation of the stories and battles which are a part of the original trilogy. It gives players the option to switch between first-person mode and third-person mode which is similar to the previous games in the series. The developers wanted to concentrate of making the game a multi-player game. The game features a set of co-op missions that players can play online, alone or with a split-screen.

You will have the option to play the game as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker which means you can choose between being a villain or hero. The largest game modes available in Star Wars: Battlefront are Walker Assault and Supremacy which allows up to 40 users to engage in a single game. The game is designed to be aesthetically pleasing with some spectacular back grounds and environments. The game has been getting a lot of attention and although the absence of single-player is being scrutinized, players look forward to the latest Star Wars game.

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Image credit: “Madrid Games Week, Star Wars, Battlefront, jugadora, Madrid, España, 2015” by Benjamín Núñez González

There are six training missions. Out of them four are survival modes based on each planet and there are two battles as infantry or as a hero or a villain. You also have online play available with a two-player limit on PS4, X-Box One and PC. Players have to rely on chats for communication as there is no option for VOIP in the game. PC players can use a VOIP software to communicate.

The Good

The outstanding set-up in Battlefront is bound to create nostalgia as you find yourself transported to your childhood days. DICE has managed to achieve some great visuals and the audio quality of the game is spectacular. You will find yourself immersed in the beauty of the scenes and the authenticity of the experience with the perfect effects.


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The minutiae of the details have been carefully worked on and Battlefront has been created to have a remarkable effect on its players. Modes which include smaller teams are likely to be found more interesting than the huge 40-player modes. The smaller player modes also offer a great place for players to start earning credits. DICE has included enough multiplayer modes to offer variety to the players. Some of the modes are going to promise some fun. The game is a lightweight shooter that focuses on pleasing the audience with its visuals.

The Bad

The structure of the game does not quite complement the breath taking audio visuals. With multiplayer mode being the focus, VOIP would have been considered helpful when teams are involved.

Players who enjoy single player campaign, would find Battlefront a little unwelcome. Star Wars: Battlefront seems to be created to please Star Wars fans rather than compete with other games. The absence of a story mode lacks substance. Gamers may not be able to connect themselves easily to the game without a story to immerse themselves. The quality of the battles are not very strong either.

The graphics of the heroes while they combat are poor. The difficult levels are interesting but they still do not capture the essence of the past games of the series. There is no feeling of a challenge and while you may start as an excited player, there is a possibility that you may find yourself sinking into boredom with the modes once the graphics stop entertaining you.


Star Wars: Battlefront is a game which is more of a Star Wars merchandise that will become a collectible for Star Wars fans rather than a game that gets the attention of players who enjoy playing hard core games. The availability of different game modes makes it interesting for players so that they can switch to different modes. The graphics are stunning and are the best part of the game. The game takes you through spectacular environments. What the game loses in story, it tries to make up for it through the audio visuals.

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