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Street Fighter V – Rise Up!

The renowned fighting game is back. Due to be released on the 16th, February, 2016 the game has been published by Capcom co-developed together with Dimps. Spectacular visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology the game depicts take the World of Warriors to a next level. The stunningly detailed visuals and the available battle mechanics have in store for the beginners and for the veterans an endless fight which will never let you lay back. You can encounter your friends online, or contend for fame on the Capcom Pro Tour.

Gear yourself up in front of your platforms. You can play the game on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. A strategic partnership between Capcom and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. offers a cross-platform play to the Street Fighter players that will unite the players in a centralized player base.

So, RISE UP! The adventure is about to begin!


Street Fighter V bridges the gap between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV, Shadaloo and M.Bison play important roles and set up a story for this series.

As its predecessors Street Fighter V is also a game of fight, in which two players use various stunts and techniques to defeat its opponent. Street Fighter III has introduced the feature of EX, which builds up as the player makes successful attacks which can be used for power ups,   special attacks or perform super combos called Critical Arts. An added feature in the game is the ’V- Gauge”, which builds up as the player receives attacks and adds three new techniques: V-Skills, V-Reversals, and V-Triggers-Skills are different for each fighter, depending on which fighter you are you may parry attack if you are Ryu but you will reflect projectiles if you are M.Bison.

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In V-Reversal you can use a section of V-Gauge to perform a counter move when you are being attacked. You can use the entire V-Gauge for a V-Trigger to perform a unique ability, like hits to Chun-Li’s attacks. The Stun Meter from Street Fighter III has taken its place under the health bars in this version. The Stun Meter boosts if the player receives continuous attacks causing the player to be stunned once full, encouraging the player to play offensively when its opponents meter is full. Featuring interactive arenas, the game showcases special animations if a player loses in a certain part of the arena.

Characters: The game features 16 characters on its launch 4 of which are new to the series. Expect several additions to the Street Fighter series through updates 6 of these exciting characters are due to be added during the year 2016. These characters will be available with the post-launch content and can be purchased via real-world currency “Zenny” via real-world currency or “Fight Money” that can be earned through gameplay.

Street Fighter Series V has so far confirmed the below characters to be in the game. The ones in bold are the new additions:

  1. Ryu
  2. Chun-Li
  3. Vega
  4. R, Mika
  5. Nash
  6. Bison
  7. Karin
  8. Zangief
  9. Alex
  10. Guile
  11. Urien
  12. Juri
  13. Cammy
  14. Birdie
  15. Dhalsim
  16. Balrog
  17. Ken
  18. Ibuki
  19. Necalli

  20. Rashid

  21. Laura

  22. A.N.G.

Necalli is a wild but an intelligent warrior who is seeking the soul of a strong opponent. Rashid is looking for his friend, abducted by Bison & Shadaloo and is capable of manipulating the wind. Brazilian beauty, Laura Matsuda is the older sister of Street Fighter III series character Sean Matsuda. Laura uses Brazilian jiu-jitsu and electricity to attack her opponent. The Shadaloo Grand Masters have a new addition in their gang, F.A.N.G., capable of poisoning his opponents he combines long range attacks and slippery movements to defeat them. June 2016 will be awaited as series also features a story mode and will be added as an expansion.

Brief History Of The Series

Popularly abbreviated as SF the Street Fight Series is rated as the second best-selling franchise of Capcom. Designed by Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoti Street Fighter Series was first hit the arcades in 1987. Street Fighter was released on the NEC Avenue TurboGraftx-CD console in 1988, with the name Fighting Street. Characters from different countries use their unique abilities and fighting styles to fight. Capcom has never let down the anxious gamers, the game has evolved through years and still remains to be one of the most popular video games today.

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Why Will It Be A Success

Capcom has always released its series keeping the newbies in mind, they have made these games simple so that anyone can pick up. The combos, counter attacks, etc. need time to master. We all know learning is easy but mastering is difficult, but that’s where the value of the game lies. Practice Makes Perfect!

The designer has used his imagination well by combining flashy colors and effects in the game and to the characters personality. This is appealing to the eyes of the audience. Like when there is an intense match and there is a brutal strike connect, there is a jelly-jiggle in the recipients face.

The characters in the game have balanced abilities so the players keep their calm. Like Ryu’s fireballs can be deflected by Zangief even if he doesn’t have range attacks. Capcom books matches based on experience so that the new gamers do not get stuck against the veterans.

What are you waiting for? Go hit the arcades, the all new Street Fighter V series is waiting for you to RISE UP!

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