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Super Unison: Hardcore Punk At Its Finest


Oakland band Super Unison was mentioned by Rolling Stone in an article titled, “10 New Artists You Need to Know in 2015.” Super Unison was formed in September of 2014 and is named after a Drive Like Jehu song. Their sound can be described as post-hardcore punk.

The band works as fast as fast as they play. They started practicing in December, made a self-titled album in February, and soon after hit the road with Composite.

Band Members

The lead singer and bassist for Super Unison is Meghan O’Neil Pennie who previously sang for the band Punch which was able to make a splash in the punk world.

Drummer Justin Renninger formerly played with a band called Snowing.

Guitarists Danny Goot and Kevin DeFranco who formerly played with the Dead Seeds.

Sounds Like

If you like Black Flag, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and early Sleater-Kinney you will probably like Super Unison.

Pennie describes their sound as, “A weird intersection of Dischord Records and riot grrrl.”

Band Feel

Pennie says, “We really just hit he ground running.” And, “”I feel like we all take very good care of each other. It’s a very caring band. It’s really nice. I feel the love in this band. They’re sweet guys. You know, we’ve all been in bands. We’re all older, so there’s just a bit of knowing what to do and having friends to help us do it and keeping the momentum going.”

Debut EP

Super Unison debut EP is comprised of four songs all under two minutes with a total album time of less than eight minutes.


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Their first song, Walk Away (1:43) contains the lyrics, “Change your perspective if you want harmony,” which makes perfect sense in most relationships. Pennie’s aggressive vocals work well to drive the point of the song home.

Song #2, Recognize You (1:58) showcases Pennie’s growl well. She is able to deliver the song’s message in a taunting, aggressive manner although her vocals get lost a bit in the driving beat.

Song #3, Close Your Eyes (1:58) starts out with catchy guitar licks and quickly builds to a frenzy.

Last song, On Repeat (1:46) jumps right in with scraggly guitars that showcases Pennie’s ability to sing softly and quickly roar!



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