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AKA Kraftyy – Keep You And Your Game In Shape

You know that feeling when you get finished with a workout? Your blood is flowing and you feel hyper alert. Imagine sitting down to slay some peasants in your favorite FPS game while riding that runner’s high. How many times have you neglected going to the gym because you were too busy gaming? Do you keep procrastinating and telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow? Putting in the work is essential to mastering a game, but keeping your mind and body fit is also a huge part. Taking the time to go to the gym or go out for a run is well worth the time lost practicing your gaming skills. Keeping your mind sharp and your body fit is a necessity when playing games competitively. ...

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AKA Kraftyy – What’s Your Setup?

#1 Destiny Player in the World: Kraftyy  DisMe2 asks: What’s your setup? A gamer is only as good as his tools. You can be the best gamer in the world, but if you’re using a bunk-ass setup, you’re going to get worked. Scenario: You’re playing some Counter Strike. It’s down to a 1v1 and the other guy is lit up. You’re feeling confident because you’ve got an awp and you’re damn good with it. Your opponent comes around the corner and you’re about to line the shot up, but your mouse skips and you miss. He just wrecked you and your terrible mouse is to blame. Don’t let your gear be the reason you let your team down. In the competitive gaming world, using any ...

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AKA Kraftyy – Behind The Digital Veil With A World Class Gamer!

What is it that keeps gamers playing for hours and hours each day? For most of us, it certainly isn’t fame and fortune. It’s becoming a wizard or barbarian to save Tamriel from oblivion. It’s showing your friends who the real champion is at hitting those three sixty head shots with your sniper rifle. It’s the ability to have a great time with friends or family, without even leaving your living room. My name is Jesse, but online I’m known as Kraftyy. You do not want to see Kraftyy on the opposing team. If you do, I apologize in advance. Kraftyy is the #1 player in Free For All, #1 on Playstation Network, and #2 in the world for overall competitive multiplayer in Destiny. Destiny ...

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