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Traveling To The Exotic Fiji Islands

Brief History As per Fijian legend, the colossal boss Lutunasobasoba drove his kin over the oceans to the new place that is known as Fiji. Most powers concur that individuals came into the Pacific from Southeast Asia through the Malay Peninsula. At this point, it is believed that the Melanesians and the Polynesians blended to create a society sooner than the landing of the Europeans. It is worth noting that the European revolutions of the Fiji gathering were unintentional. The disclosures were made in 1643 by the Dutch adventurer, Abel Tasman and English pilots, including Captain James Cook, who cruised through in 1774, that led to further investigations in the eighteenth century. The real credit for the revelation and recording of the islands went to ...

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Ramblings Of Traveler – BONUS BLOG – Last Mystery Of Vietnam

Last Mystery of Vietnam (a touchy – feely, serious blog) My thrill is traveling to a land that crawls its way into my memories and keeps getting better long after I have returned home. There is a warm, glowing spot in my heart remembering the six weeks I spent in Thailand with all its gaudy, noisy, crazy, bright colors, festivities, wonderful delights, superstitions, and religious fervor running deep in the veins of its followers and culture. There is nowhere in the world like Cambodia with the sadness of its ancient & not so distant past, with its struggle to keep up with present and future changing times, and its unmatched jungle ruins, and I will be there often in my thoughts. But it’s the magic ...

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Ramblings Of A Traveler – SE Asia #3

#3 FRUITS & NUTS A TOURIST CAN NOT AVOID Fruits (Durian and Lychee Nuts) Durian: This fruit, when cut into, smells like an unfiltered open air sewer mixed with 100 proof body odor stemming from worst, imaginable dirty feet and underarms all rolled into one, and I am not exaggerating even a little bit. When cut into on the ground floor of a hotel, the nauseating smell can primate all the way to at least the 15th floor and travels much faster then a hotel elevator. It makes me wonder what the poor sucker did that his punishment was to be the first to taste one of these overpowering, smelly fruits. I think he had to have been somebody’s slave of ancient times that was ...

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Ramblings Of A Traveler – SE Asia #2

RAMBLINGS OF A SOUTHEAST (SE) ASIA TRAVELER: Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam #2    ONCE THERE 1) Dos (Acceptable Behaviors of a USA Tourist in SE Asia) BIG DO: You’ll want to spend some quality time in a hammock. If you happen to stay for an extended amount of time, and happen to have a deck on poles out over the water like say in Koh Lanta Old Town, Thailand, and you happen to have two hammocks strung between poles holding the roof of your deck up, you would be totally off your rocker to not curl up and read the paperback book serial killer thriller, “Tiger Lily of Bangkok” by Owen Jones or “Siam Storm: A Thailand Adventure” by Robert A. Webster. Neither are great literary ...

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