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Tits Behind The Taps: Bar Fight

The frequency of fights has varied depended on the type of bar I was working. Some bars just attract the type of douchebag that wants to cause or take part in a fight. I’ve found that the hiring of large bouncers decreases the amount of fights that happen in the bar. Bar fights are more likely to happen late at night close to closing time. One of the biggest causes is what I like to call peacocking. This is where your average douche bag puffs out his chest and his pride for no reason. Often from the false confidence that booze lends or maybe an overdose of testosterone. I’m not sure of the actual science behind it, but the fights often seem to transpire out ...

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Tits Behind The Taps: A Contagious Vibe

Spike6 submits: How often do bartenders have fun on the job? Bartending can be one of the most upbeat thrilling jobs. You get the right crowd and the right music and you can have as much fun as the patrons you are serving. Busy nights are some of the best! The vibe from the crowd is contagious and can make the night fly by. I’ve even gotten up on the bar and danced with a female customer who was having a bad night. I would say there are definitely more fun nights than crappy nights. Sometimes all your bartender wants to do is please the customer by making their night better and obtaining their return business. I often attempt to do this by buying a ...

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Tits Behind The Taps: Cheesy Lines

 Busty Bartender Tips: If your in a bar that free pours shots always ask for your shots neat instead of in a shot glass and you’ll get bigger shot for the same price. Kolora212 asks: What is the cheesiest pick up line you’ve had from a customer? There are so many to choose from but one that sticks out in my mind was when a younger gentleman asked me if I was vegan, I quickly answered, “Why do I look malnourished?” He shamefully replied that he was vegan and wanted to make me a vegan dinner. Gretellini asks: How often do bartenders get hit on during a shift? It really depends on the night and the bars crowd for the night, but as a female ...

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