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Boning Your Animal In The Field

I hear this complaint almost everyday during hunting season. We had a great time hunting, but it was so much work dragging our animal to the pickup. My question is always why did you drag your animal to the pickup? Overview Hunters have it ingrained in their minds that they have to gut their harvested animal and then drag it whole to their transportation. It is very difficult lifting a whole animal minus it’s guts into the back of the pickup. Then hunters generally want to hang their animal. The idea is that it will be easier to skin the animal, which it is, and perhaps age the meat. Aging the meat can be argued either way. However, most hunters do not have a way ...

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Bow Hunting Large Mule Deer Bucks

This article is all about bow hunting mule deer, but many of the concepts discussed will work well for rifle hunting mule deer as well. Overview Male mule deer fall into two categories. Super dumb or super smart. When a mule deer buck is younger, say below three years of age, they can be incredibly easy to hunt. If they make it past their early, stupid years, it’s almost like they flip a switch and become super smart. This article is about the super smart ones. Ambushing In previous articles we have discussed ambushing elk and antelope. I am sure there are places that an ambush is possible, however generally speaking ambushing large mule deer is not feasible. Calling We have also discussed calling as ...

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