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The ‘F’ Word: Why Men Need to Embrace Feminism

“I’m not a feminist,” the young woman, languidly sipping a cider at the table across from me, said as she crinkled her nose in disgust. “I hear you,” her equally young and slow-sipping companion said. “I bet they got screwed over by some dude and that’s why they’re so angry.” “It’s bullshit,” the first added. “I believe in equality…” I felt anger swell up in my belly. I wanted to grab onto my bagel (beer is liquid bagel, right?) and hurl it at them with the ferocity of a tidal wave.I wanted to grab them by their shoulders and shake them until their their ungrateful heads popped off of their entitled necks. Equality!? You believe in equality!? How could you, then, not believe in feminism!? ...

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Green Is Not The New Black

Why envy, jealousy and schadenfreude should be left in the back of the closet. Admit it. At one time or another, a quiet flush of anger has washed over your cheeks as you’ve eyed your partner getting attention from another. It could also have been that time a lithely modelesque figure walked past you, wearing painfully tight leggings, on your fat day. Then there was the time you read about a celebrity securing yet another multi-million dollar deal, the stupid piece of art work that made you feel you could have done better, or the old school buddy with the hottest wife… You’ve been jealous and if you say that you haven’t you’re lying. You certainly have, at one time or another, fallen into the ...

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