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The Art Of Slow Stalking

Up to this point we have been discussing hunting in general terms. Now it is time to dig deeper and fine-tune our skills. The old saying goes 10% of hunters kill 90% of the game. One of the skills that this elite group of hunters must be proficient at is stalking. No matter what type of hunting you are doing at some point you will have to stalk your game. Stalking game correctly and effectively is an art form that takes years of practice. Overview I don’t know how many times I have heard hunters say, “Wow, what a long day! We must have walked 10 miles.” My response is always the same. Why? Why in the hell would you walk 10 miles? If your ...

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The Thrill Of The Hunt: What To Wear?

Last week in The Thrill of the Hunt we discussed the basics of bowhunting equipment.  This week we will discuss what to wear while bowhunting.   Bowhunting in the fall can provide some serious gear outfitting issues.  It can rain, snow, and be 90 degrees all in a manner of days.  Generally speaking it can be cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and cold again as soon as the sun goes down. If your like me you leave the pickup before daylight and return to the pickup in the dark.  That means you must carry warm, cold, and rain gear all day long. The most important thing about bowhunting clothing is that it must be quiet. Nothing will ruin a hunt faster than ...

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