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Adventures Of The Boondocking Photographer: Lower San Rafael Road

I recently became an empty nester and was looking for a change in my life that would maximize my time left on this great planet. So I sold my house, bought a Ford F-350, an Arctic Fox 990 truck camper, and hit the road. This is the story of my adventures with travel, photography, and RV tips designed around living the boondocker lifestyle. Lower San Rafael Road The focus for this boondocking adventure is the Lower San Rafael Road, which begins at Green River, Utah. Exit Green River via Airport Road that proceeds south under Interstate 70. You will follow Airport Road, which is paved, for a couple of miles. Be on the lookout for the sign for the Lower San Rafael Road to the ...

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Click And Run Photography Adventures

What Is Click And Run Photography Click and run photography, at least to me, is when you go out via any mode of transportation with a camera and photograph anything and everything you happen to come across. This is my favorite type of photography, because you never know what you will see to shoot. Required Equipment For Click And Run Photography I always keep a backpack stocked and ready to go with impromptu gear that hopefully will cover any shooting situation I get myself into at any time. I will generally store the backpack in my car for quick, anytime access. Backpack The backpack must be comfortable enough to hike several miles and have enough storage space for all your gear. I like lots of ...

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Always Return Your Camera To Neutral After A Shoot!

  Sometimes irony can be as cruel as a mean, stepmother’s heart! For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about blogging on the topic of setting the camera back to neutral after every shoot. So what do I do? Of course make exactly this mistake even though the topic is forefront in my noggin. My last photo shoot was an early sunrise, calm lake reflection affair. The photo below is an example from this shoot. Customized, fine art prints for sale! Click HERE to find out how to purchase your made-to-order photography print!  To achieve this shot I am using long exposure, mirror up, 5 second delay, manual focus, and a neutral density filter. I also had my exposure composition all jacked up because ...

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Plastic Bags! Don’t Leave Home Without One!

Something as simple as a plastic bag can make or break a photo shoot! I am talking just the simple, free bags given with groceries and many other purchases.  A bag is easy to put in the back pocket, weighs next to nothing, and has a multitude of uses.     Let’s examine the photo below.  I just happened to have a plastic bag in my back pocket, which was wonderful, because I spent 2 hours under the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia waiting out a rainstorm.  I used the bag to sit on a damp piece of concrete keeping my bum nice and dry. It is not fun to have a wet bum!  Especially since I could see a nice cozy pub from ...

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