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TTS Music Winner: B-ST Productions

TTS Music Winner B-ST Productions I have always been surrounded by music as a kid. I was introduced to producing through a game called “Fantasy DJ,” and from then on, I tried to find places I could make music, which lead me to some web-based studios. Gradually, I started teaching myself how to play the piano, drums and how to make beats though YouTube and such, and as I got better, I moved on to FL Studio. Now, I make Hip Hop, some R&B and Trap beats. My goal is to distribute my music to the artists that need or want it and to be recognized as a music producer. My instrumentals are available for purchase at these locations:  BeatStars: https://www.beatstars.com/BSTProductions/tracks/ BeatsLoud: http://beatsloud.com/profile/the_b-st 50 Producers 50 States: http://www.50producers50states.com/The_B-ST ...

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TTS Music Winner: Trane Spitta

Trane Spitta Ethan DaSilva  Atlanta / United States Check out Trane Spitta’s website: TraneSpitta.bandcamp.com Contact Trane Spitta: [email protected] Twitter: @TraneSpitta Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  Follow TTS on YouTube by clicking HERE! Do you have a Thrilling video, photo, story or music you would like to see on our site? Send us your stuff by clicking HERE! If we post your stuff you will win a TTS logo t-shirt!

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Halsey: New Indie Pop Singer

Halsey: Catch Her Light Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, popularly known as Halsey is an American songwriter and singer whose honest angst about authenticity and musings about life is palpable in every line of her songs. In a heartbeat, she is both young and old telling stories of where she was and will be in the future. History Born on September 29, 1994 to an African American father and an Italian American mother, her biracial roots tug and makes for an interesting individual. Her early years in New Jersey, where she was born was spent learning and being exposed to violin, viola and the cello. By the time she was 14, she was holding her first acoustic guitar and learning to play a Taylor Swift’s song Fifteen. ...

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Kelleigh Bannen: New Country Music Singer

Kelleigh Bannen History Kelleigh Bannen was born in 1981 at Pontiac, Michigan. Her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was three years old and this is where she lived almost all her life. At age two, Kelleigh’s mom saw that her daughter had a talent in music when little Kelleigh was trying to write her first song, which was inspired from the Sesame Street. At five years old, Kelleigh was able to play the Suzuki violin very well and her talent impressed everyone who saw her play. Even though Kelleigh was already musically inclined during her early years, it wasn’t until she was in her twenties when her music career started. Kelleigh admits that she set her musical dreams aside when she was in ...

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Letters From The Fire: Tsunami Of Rock

Letters From The Fire Website: www.lettersfromthefire.net Twitter and IG: @lftfmusic Facebook: www.facebook.com/lettersfromthefire/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LettersFromTheFire I recently had the chance to see Black Stone Cherry (BSC) at the historic Blue Bird Theater in downtown Denver.  It was a Monday night show, but the tickets where only $25 and I have been a fan of BSC for awhile, so I pulled up my big boy pants and took in a concert on a school night. Opening for BSC was Letters From The Fire (LFTF) and Citizen Zero.  Before the show I had not heard of either of the opening bands.  LFTF started the concert off and it took me about 10 seconds to become a fan. Lead singer, Alexa Kabazie, immediately grabbed my attention and held it for their ...

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Rah Black: TTS Music Winner

TTS Music Winner Rah Black Upcoming artist residing from the city that will eat you alive if you let it, Baltimore. Motivated by rap, Rah just wants to make a way for himself & his family out of the hard knock city. This is all he has, so he puts his all into it & gives it to you….thank you for for listening. Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  Follow Rah Black: Twitter: @rahmoneyy                Soundcloud: iamrahblack YouTube: Rah Black Instagram: @iamrahblack Email: [email protected] Follow TTS on YouTube by clicking HERE! Do you have a Thrilling video, photo, story or music you would like to see on our site? Send us your stuff by clicking HERE! If we ...

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music photo Dorothy rock band

Dorothy – A Quartet That Drinks Deep From The Well Of Rock

Soulful energy wrapped in heart thumping beats and bad-ass vocals personify the LA quartet which is named after its lead singer’s first name – Dorothy. This LA outfit is here to make rock cool all over again. The upbeat personalities and easy-going nature of the band members will remind you of rock bands that have kept rock music alive through their edgy lyrics and superb beats. Although they may not have reached the umbrella of mainstream attention, these bands are always under the radar keeping rock alive in its many forms and iterations. Dorothy is a band that is fairly new to the world of rock music fans. They haven’t even created a full length album yet, so there is a lot left for us ...

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King Tha Rapper

TTS Music Winner: King Tha Rapper  To become a TTS Music winner and get yourself some TTS Swag submit your thrilling music at the bottom of this post! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingThaRapper  Joshua Mathew Mitchell, better known as King Tha Rapper, just 14 years old, is an American hip-hop, recording artist and record producer signed to Universal Music Group, one of the biggest music industry companies in the world. A rapper who is going to provide the world with originality and a great quality- set to break all the boundaries and bring back the soul of classic hip-hop. Born on December 3rd, 2000. King has given the world a lot to speak about by announcing his first, full length album “IAMKING” and the supporting single “IMO” which ...

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Ms Sian Gentle: For You

Ms Sian Gentle is a TTS Music winner!   To become a TTS Music winner and get yourself some TTS swag submit your thrilling music at the bottom of this post! Subscribe & Stay SPOP’d: www.MsSianGentle.com Twitter: @MsSianGentle IG: @mssiangentle May is a month of mental health awareness, this is quite a personal topic but is also one that has played an important role in Sian Gentle’s journey through life thus far, this inspired Sian to create her campaign supporting and raising awareness on mental and suicide. Starting the month with her Charity Fundraising event “A Night Of Variety” raising funds for Maytree Charity, a sanctuary for the suicidal and now ending the month with her 2nd release taken from the long awaited début EP “2 ...

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Far From Alaska: A Rock Band From Brazil

Great things happened in 2012 – one of which being the formation of Far From Alaska – a band with a, what is best described as, stoner-rock sound. The band hails from the distant land of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The band consists of Emmily Barreto on the microphone, and Chris Botarelli on the synthesizer, lap steel, and vocals. Originally, it was just these two members who aimed to have something consistent musically, but as time went on, it was decided that Rafael Brasil (on guitar), Edu Filgueira (on bass) and Lauro Kirsch (on drums) just made sense and completed their outfitting.   A Brief History Far From Alaska was originally just a project between Emmily and Chris, and decided together to have ...

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Buck Cherried

Roughly three years ago I was sitting in the Delta Sky Lounge in the Narita International Airport just outside of Tokyo, Japan sipping on a free, ice-cold beer. It only 10 a.m., but after flying all night from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and staring a 9 ½ hour flight to Seattle in the eye, a few free, cold beers were really hitting the spot. The lounge was filled mainly with business travelers and a few families. I was well into my third, free beer and listening to Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry with my headphones on to protect the innocents from the vulgar lyrics. Around the corner across the room walked five guys all tatted up wearing rocker type clothing. Their clothing was designed ...

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The Revivalists: A Unique Band With A Unique Sound

The alternative rock/ jam band, The Revivalists, got their totally-relatable start in New Orleans, Louisiana not long ago in 2007. Guitarist Zach Feinberg and drummer Andrew Campanelli already knew each other prior forming The Revivalists as we know them. They were no strangers to jamming out and performing. At this point, though, the band was not quite complete. While the creative soundings of their guitar and drums were enough to make a crowd swoon, the duo did not stop there. It was actually by chance that, while headed out from campus, Zach came across David Shaw – the guy who would become one of the band’s guitarists.   Zach, instead of going his regular bike route, took an alternative route to where he was going, ...

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StiLLicon Valley: Ill-it Records Cypher

Featuring Ill-it Records artists: Speek Eazy, Kimbro, Young Observe & Chris Prythm. Filmed in Star City Roanoke, VA. Website: http://iLL-it.com Other awesome music by Ill-iteracy members Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  Follow TTS on YouTube by clicking HERE! Do you have a Thrilling video, photo, story or music you would like to see on our site? Send us your stuff by clicking HERE! If we post your stuff you will win a TTS logo t-shirt!

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M.A.$.$.I.A.H: Laid Back Classic Rap

M.A.$.$.I.A.H Independent artist  exposing government & corruption! Representing East Coast, New York Follow MA$$IAH: Twitter: @Mvssiah Instagram: @Darkgawd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MVSSIAH/ Soundcloud: massiahgod Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  To become a TTS Music Winner email us your music by clicking HERE! To read the music submission terms click HERE! If we post your stuff you will win a TTS logo t-shirt!

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Cigarettes After Sex – Makes Slowcore the New High for Its Fans

At this time, the emergence of a new artist, band or a gang has become analogous to the sales people who keep coming up to my door. There is no way we can stop either, but every now and then they surprise us by playing that mystery card extremely well. When an amateur music band creates music that creates an amazing sensation in my mind, I yearn for more of their refreshing symphonies and lyrics. While I totally enjoy listening to established music bands that have etched an indelible niche for themselves in the music industry I have great respect for new comers who show continuous progression as they try to gradually carve out a space for themselves in the diversified land of music. Cigarettes ...

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