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Behind The Taps: Cougar Bait

Watching cougars (attractive older ladies) either “hunting” younger men or being hunted by a young buck is often quite fun to watch. Many bars have their regular cougars who frequent the bar for a glass of wine or Cosmo. She is often confident and dressed in something that she borrowed from her daughter’s closest or got out of the junior’s section. A particularly memorable cougar waltzed into the bar one night with a top far too small and no bra. While she was sitting at the bar her nipple kept just popping out for the whole bar to see!  This is a hard subject to approach with a customer. What do you say? “Excuse me darling, but your nipple is showing!” Depending on the intoxicated ...

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Bad Advice With Staci Monroe #4

Congratulations to Harry and Courtney for winning this week’s TTS Swag! Hey All! I’ve been asked by the powers that be to tone down my language a bit, so today’s column will feature a newer, gentler Staci. We’re going to- Hey, wait, where are you going, I still give good advice, commmmeee baaaacccckkkk!!!!! Image credit: wikihow How do I groom properly? I’m a hairy guy and I know that look is not for everyone, but everywhere I turn I’m seeing conflicting views! Shave it all, shave the balls, don’t shave because you are a man not a baby. It looks bigger when you shave, leave some, leave a lot but not too much! And what about the rest of your body? I know when you’re ...

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Adventures With Jayde: Airport Jail

I have been to Miami twice since May and needless to say BOTH times turned crazy. But everything is chaos when it comes to me. After all, I wouldn’t be Jayde without the attached chaos! Beautiful white sandy beaches, lewdness, hotness, drunk/disorderly, and jail…. Where do I begin? Let’s start with Miami: I was invited back to Miami for a work trip and this time around I invited my obsession, my ex bf to dribble along. Four days and three nights we spent at Miami’s only gay hotel mingling and celebrating with the gays after the supreme court’s decision to legalize gay marriages. Four days and three nights we spent in bed fucking, fucking, horse playing, and of course fucking! Four blissful days and three ...

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Bad Advice with Staci Monroe #3

Congratulations to Kendra and Tiffy for winning TTS Swag! Welcome back! No witty pre-question banter today, there’s questions to answer and lives to change! Let’s get to it. Image credit: How do you tell your friend their kid is an asshole and you want to smack both of them? –Kendra, Colorado Springs Kendra, sweetie, honey, baby, darling. Let me ask you something. How do you imagine this scenario playing out for you? Do you think you’re going to clue your friend in to this fact and the heavens are going to part, a choir of angels will start singing and their face will light up? Do you think they’ll look at you with tears in their eyes and say “You’re right. I- I never ...

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Rules Of Engagement: A.K.A How To Win A Fight!

If you’ve come looking for tips and tricks on how to buffer a knuckle duster blow or a survive a pull and tug of the old cojones in a street ball, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m about to talk about something dirtier. Much, much dirtier – the good old Facebook rumble. You know how it begins. Some wise-ass has just gotten on the proverbial soap box and posted a status on a hot and heavy topic. An hour later, a stream of comments appear, all embracing various viewpoints and opinions. You want to jump in. You want to become one of the many now going for the jugular but something is holding you back. You don’t want to be that guy. You know, ...

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Bad Advice With Staci Monroe #2

Congratulations to Mike and Meredith for winning this week’s TTS Swag! Welcome back! With week one firmly under our belt, I can safely say: You guys are all perverts. Asking me to send you nudes does not, in fact, constitute a question that can be safely answered in an advice column. But for the rest of you, I am here to help. Let’s get to it. Image credit: What do you do when you stumble upon your significant other’s porn stash, and it’s crazier than you were expecting? – Mike, Newark Well Mike, I think we need to look at what you mean by “crazier”. What’s crazy? Things that are perfectly acceptable to some people, say, oh I don’t know, just off the top ...

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