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Adventures Of The Boondocking Photographer: Northwest Montana

I recently became an empty nester and was looking for a change in my life that would maximize my time left on this great planet. So I sold my house, bought a Ford F-350, an Arctic Fox 990 truck camper, and hit the road. This is the story of my adventures with travel, photography, and RV tips designed around living the boondocker lifestyle. Northwest Montana The focus of this boondocking adventure is Northwest Montana. My original goal was to boondock on the west side of Glacier National Park at Bowman Lake. After entering Montana from the south and crossing the state to Glacier National Park I was subjected to three inspections for Zebra Mussels on my two kayaks. I accessed Glacier National Park by driving ...

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6 Reasons Why Photography Is As Much Fun As A Person Can Have With Their Pants On!

After last week’s whiney blog about how much photography sucks donkey balls, I need to explain why I go through all those horrors and play the photography game! First off photography forces me to explore new places! I love getting in the car, on mass transit, or in an airplane for a destination I have found on a map that I have never explored! The photo below was taken at The Singapore Botanical Garden. Before I became a photographer, a botanical garden would not be on my list of places to visit. As a photographer, a botanical garden offers an endless variety of beautiful things to click! Photography offers a hobby/career that a person will never master. Well at least I never will, but I am ...

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So you think you have to take a selfie? Nowadays selflies are all over social media. However, it is appalling how lousy selflies generally are composed. Folks should realize that once a selfie is submitted to a social media site it has the potential to reach millions of people, forever! So why not take an extra 13 seconds and compose at least a decent selfie? My firm belief is that not everyone should be allowed to post a selfie on a social media site. There should be rigorous examine boards that approve only hot girls to post on social media sites. Similar panels should also approve the right to purchase yoga pants, but that is another story! Now we do live in a free country ...

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Photography Tips: The Best All Purpose Lens

If you could only have one lens for the rest of your life which lens would you choose?  It would have to be a lens that could handle a variety of different types of photography.  For me that would mean a lens that could handle macro, nature, and model photography. These three very different types of photography require shooting at a variety of distances from the subject.  That means a fixed lens would not be able to handle the work. A zoom lens narrows the field of available lens dramatically.  We can only have one lens in this discussion so what length of zoom would we want? I argue Nikon’s 28 – 300 mm is the most useful of all lens and if I could ...

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