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Adventures Of The Boondocking Photographer: Elkhorn Ghost Town

Elkhorn Ghost Town The focus of this boondocking adventure is Elkhorn Ghost Town in Montana. Elkhorn is a 19th century mining town with plenty of old buildings in various states of disrepair. The scenery around Elkhorn is breathtaking and offers hiking, fishing, hot springs, and camping opportunities. To get to Elkhorn exit I-15 at the Boulder exit between Helena and Butte, Montana. Drive through Boulder and head east on Highway 69. Turn north or left on White Bridge Road. Turn right or east on Lower Valley Road. Turn left or north on Elkhorn Road. There are plenty of signs to Elkhorn and you can use Google maps to find it. Travel Tips The drive up to Elkhorn is fantastic through a mountain valley in the ...

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Get Closer For Better Photos

I look at a lot of photos via social media and magazines everyday. One major problem with photographs I see over and over is the splotch of distraction that doesn’t go with the subject. For example if the subject is a beautiful, yellow flower that takes up 3/4 of the photograph, the splotch of distraction would be a crap brown, out of focus, god only knows what the hell it is taking up 1/4 of the photograph. My eyes don’t even look at the beautiful, yellow flower. They immediately go to the crap brown, splotch of distraction. How does a photographer get rid of the crap brown splotch of distraction? Take two steps closer to the subject. If that doesn’t work, take two steps closer ...

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Click And Run Photography Adventures

What Is Click And Run Photography Click and run photography, at least to me, is when you go out via any mode of transportation with a camera and photograph anything and everything you happen to come across. This is my favorite type of photography, because you never know what you will see to shoot. Required Equipment For Click And Run Photography I always keep a backpack stocked and ready to go with impromptu gear that hopefully will cover any shooting situation I get myself into at any time. I will generally store the backpack in my car for quick, anytime access. Backpack The backpack must be comfortable enough to hike several miles and have enough storage space for all your gear. I like lots of ...

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