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My Love Hate Relationship With College Football

The college football is a wonderful game. I love to watch it at 9:00am on Saturday and then end my night with the 5:00pm game of the week if you will on ABC. Hell, I might even catch some PAC-12 action or watch Hawaii vs. whomever all the way till 11:00pm. It gets me ready for Sunday. However I do have few issues with the game itself, the setup and the B.S. that is shoveled through our TV’s week in and week out. I figure the best way to cover this is to check them off my list, love-hate style. Love: The college football atmosphere inside and outside the stadium. The fans, the cheerleaders, the band, the fight songs, the mascots, the whole works. If ...

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Football Gambling Rules

With football season rapidly approaching I figured I would lay out my own personal rules of betting in case you have gambling problem like me and your strategy isn’t working. I have learned these guidelines from other gambling junkies, bookies, sports book workers, and just plain old dumb luck types. I lived in Nevada for five years. What a state! It takes you a solid good six months to a year of living there to block out mentally that there are slot machines in your grocery store. And I am not talking about mom and pop grocery stores; I am talking about chain grocery stores. Crazy thing about it, people would be playing them. Before you even think of accusing me as being one, I ...

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What We Learned About The CFPR Committee

So unless you don’t like college football or don’t like sports at all, you probably had an opinion about the first rankings of the College Football Playoff Rankings (CFPR). If you live in South Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio or Alabama, then you were very pleased with the rankings. I am sure there was some grumblings in Ohio, but overall agreement that it could be a good reflection. So what did we learn about the group selecting the teams. Here are some observations about them: They pay way to much attention to the AP 25 while ignoring it simultaneously. To place Alabama in the top four and Norte Dame knocking on the door is acknowledging that AP Top 25 rankings have meaning. They based it on who ...

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