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Wild Child: Donald Trump And The Great Fox Hunt

Meet Donald J. Trump, the trail he is blazing, for prestige and power is what he is craving. Development’s lagging, TV is passé, his combover has everyone thinking he’s gay. “It’s time for a change!” He screamed, “Now’s the date!” “I’ll shout and cuss until ‘Merica’s great!” So on the big trail Sir Donald’s been casting but, lo, his big mouth has everyone laughing. “I’ll build a wall!” He once said to the south. “You’ll no longer have to live so hand to mouth!” “You shut your face,” said Mexico city, “Your racist old jabs has everyone shitty. We make your clothes and we clean your crapper so you can live rich like an old flapper dapper.” “Watch what you say,” they said. “Toe the ...

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Ten Reasons Trump Would Make A Good President

          At this point in time, the US faces many challenges among them the ever-swelling US debt, widespread unemployment, violent crime, and terrorist threats from ISIS. As a result, the US needs resilient and decisive leadership to manage the challenges and continue putting the nation on the global map and a journey towards posterity. There are many candidates, from whom the Americans can choose, but to ensure the country takes the desired growth, some candidates can do it better than others can, and Trump is one of the many right candidates for the task ahead. Trump is likely to make a good president because of a considerable number of reasons. Trump believes in American exceptionalism At all times Americans have considered true ...

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