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Getting Notty With Eva: Learn To Laugh

Follow Eva: @evanotty on Twitter and IG My nephew always puts a smile on my face. Learn To Laugh… The things people say are most likely going to be very shallow and condescending. It seems that nobody nowadays has any morals or good intensions. I meet a guy, LTL, we hit it off and everything was going great then ….. the real LTL came out. I can’t believe he actually said this but, he told me that he didn’t expect to like me as much as he did and he couldn’t handle my line of work. I mean seriously? In what world is that all about? So you thought I would be good for a couple nights and cheap thrills, but I ended up ...

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Getting Notty With Eva: My Heart Bleeds

Follow Eva: @evanotty on Twitter and IG My Heart Bleeds … I can honestly say that I am going to make some wiser decisions in 2016. I have opened my heart and my world to the idea of a love that will love without reservation and passion that will never stop taking my breath away. I had two interesting relationships this year. One came with lots of baggage and I fell head over heels. It was most interesting and best six months of my life. He never did wrong in my eyes. Everywhere we went we were loved and adored. He was my best friend and the best lover I ever had. He just kinda lost himself, and tarnished our relationship in the process. I ...

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