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Getting Notty With Eva: Happy 4th Of July America!

Photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/ricardojphotography/ Not a pity party just read….. I am not for one second wanting you to think awe poor girl, so if you do stop. I am simply doing something I am passionate about and that is writing. It just so happens that writing is the best way for me to deal with things and to clear my mind. By the time I’m done writing, I will have solved the problem that is weighing heavy on my heart or written it out of my life. I often forget that my looks are something that people see as a threat or a conquest. When men look at me, they think I am a challenge. What man doesn’t love a good chase? I should be ...

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Thrill Girl: Eva Notty Part 1

Introducing Thrill Girl Eva Notty Thrill Girl customized prints for sale!  Click HERE to find out how to purchase your made-to-order Thrill Girl photography print!  Eva’s Stats Bust: 36G Waist: 26″ Hips: 38″ Height: 5’6″ Birth Date: August 12. Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona. What do you do for Thrills? Make naughty movies. What is the most Thrilling experience you have ever had? Zip lining in Dubai! Most Thrilling place you have ever had sex? There are so many. How about in a Ferris Wheel in London. Most Thrilling movies, t.v. shows or books? Vikings, Marco Polo, and The Last Kingdom. When you grow up what would you like to be?  Be a successful businesswoman. Follow Eva Notty @evanotty on Twitter and FB www.onlyfans.com/EvaNotty We were introduced to Eva through former Thrill Girl™ Agatha Delicious. ...

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Getting Notty With Eva: Learn To Laugh

Follow Eva: @evanotty on Twitter and IG www.onlyfans.com/EvaNotty My nephew always puts a smile on my face. Learn To Laugh… The things people say are most likely going to be very shallow and condescending. It seems that nobody nowadays has any morals or good intensions. I meet a guy, LTL, we hit it off and everything was going great then ….. the real LTL came out. I can’t believe he actually said this but, he told me that he didn’t expect to like me as much as he did and he couldn’t handle my line of work. I mean seriously? In what world is that all about? So you thought I would be good for a couple nights and cheap thrills, but I ended up ...

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Getting Notty With Eva: My Heart Bleeds

Follow Eva: @evanotty on Twitter and IG My Heart Bleeds … I can honestly say that I am going to make some wiser decisions in 2016. I have opened my heart and my world to the idea of a love that will love without reservation and passion that will never stop taking my breath away. I had two interesting relationships this year. One came with lots of baggage and I fell head over heels. It was most interesting and best six months of my life. He never did wrong in my eyes. Everywhere we went we were loved and adored. He was my best friend and the best lover I ever had. He just kinda lost himself, and tarnished our relationship in the process. I ...

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2016 Thrill Girls’ Review

2016 was an amazing year for Thrill Girls. Join us for a review of our 2016 Thrill Girls.  Thrill Girl customized prints for sale!  Click HERE to find out how to purchase your made-to-order Thrill Girl photography print!  Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  We had a chance to photograph beautiful ladies in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Ely, Nevada, and Missoula, Montana. These pictorials were shot with a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 28-300 lens. We used an on camera flash, portable soft boxes, and natural lighting. The goal of the shoots was to present model photography in an artistic, unique style.  As far as editing software goes, we used Lightroom 5 with the Nix Efex collection. We primarily used the Color Efex 4 and ...

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wondering mind of eva photo

Getting Notty With Eva: Lost For Words

This is Lola. She went missing on 12/1/2010 I personally like to think of myself as a positive person. Optimism is a life style on its own. I just recently found out that the man I considered a friend and a life partner did in fact terminate my dog’s existance. How? I am not quit sure. I don’t even want to think about it. What I do not get is how someone could cause you so much pain and still look you in your face and have no conscience about it? What kind of a sick individual does that to a helpless animal? How do I always end up picking out all of the absolute wrong types of people? I personally have never been attracted ...

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eva notty pictorial photo

Getting Notty With Eva: I Choose Life

 In this picture is a dear friend, 10x’s Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle.  How come the best lifestyles are the hardest to keep? How come all of the bad lifestyles come as a second nature to everybody and the hard lifestyles are the most rewarding? I think that life is too easy if you do not have to struggle. Everyone has different struggles. At some point in your life you will meet someone with similar struggles and this is how we make life long friendships. Right now I am finding that my main struggles are love and being loved.  I can’t exactly expect anybody to whole heartedly accept my life and all I do. Anybody in their right mind would tell me to go piss up a rope. ...

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Getting Notty With Eva: What If?

Having a what if type of day…. Me at age the age of 2….So young, so innocent. Having such a bad day that it has me asking myself all of these what if Having a what if type of day…..I would’ve questions. Like what if I really was given up for adoption like my mother said she was going to do? What would my life be like had I not moved out when I was 15? Would life be better or worse? I generally love my life and everything good or bad that happens in it. I try to stay positive because I know god gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers and not a single thing is put in my life that I ...

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Getting Notty With Eva: Grateful For The Few!

My friend Donald and I after the UFC fight he won tickets for…..What a blast! Real friends are hard to find… In general friends are hard to come by. I think in the adult industry it is pretty much a given you are going to have to enjoy the alone time or have pets. I feel that I am blessed to have come across a few dimes. That no matter how many times you have to cancel plans or reschedule they still seem to be understanding and don’t take you for granted. My good friend Donald, bless his heart, has always been by my side through tons of bad decisions and he has even yelled at me a few times. At the end of the ...

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Getting Notty With Eva

Never let your past control your future…. Having the opportunity to connect with my peers on many levels while giving a little insight on who I am and about the industry I am in. I started shooting in 2009 for a company called Score . They shoot anybody with large breasts for their main magazine. Then they go as far as shooting grandmothers and super plus sized woman. I got asked to shoot some solo clips for them. I thought that is kinda harmless why not? Ugh was I in for it. This company tried so hard to get everything for nothing. Then they ask if you will do a little extra? I didn’t really get frustrated with them until the third time they booked ...

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