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Why You Should Defend Your Right To Be Offensive

In his dystopian classic, 1984, famed author, George Orwell, creates a world in which every movement you make, every thought you ponder, your language and account of history is surveyed by the watchful eye of Big Brother. In Oceania any frivolous attempt at expression, liberation, contention is criminalized and curbed by a slew of thought police, television screens and those nearest and dearest to you. Oceania may be fictional but the potential for of us to become citizens of an expressionless state is all but a reality. Our government may not be installing television screens in our homes and a ministry completely dedicated to lobotomizing our desire for freewill may not exist but our thoughts, opinions and ideas are being carefully monitored by the new ...

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Six People You Should Never Sleep With

  Oh, sex. How we love thee. Here, let us count the ways. In, out, reverso-change-o (sometimes that helps), back to front, around and all the way down… way, way down. It’s almost impossible to believe that something so fun is good for you, too. But experts have long toted the benefits of giving the old dog a bone. Sex boosts your immune system and keeps your blood pressure in check. It also lowers stress levels and can be a good workout. Then there’s that glow only a good orgasm can give you…. Nonetheless, while (consensual) sex is akin to the feeling of a first-class ticket to Vegas, while you’re crapping bars of gold, on Prozac, there are just some things you don’t do. That ...

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