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AKA Kraftyy – Keep You And Your Game In Shape

You know that feeling when you get finished with a workout? Your blood is flowing and you feel hyper alert. Imagine sitting down to slay some peasants in your favorite FPS game while riding that runner’s high. How many times have you neglected going to the gym because you were too busy gaming? Do you keep procrastinating and telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow? Putting in the work is essential to mastering a game, but keeping your mind and body fit is also a huge part. Taking the time to go to the gym or go out for a run is well worth the time lost practicing your gaming skills. Keeping your mind sharp and your body fit is a necessity when playing games competitively. ...

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Game Of War: KVK For Smaller Players

SmellyTuba’s question: I am around 18 million. Can I participate in KVKs? SmellyTuba you can participate in KVKs, but you will need to use a lot of strategy to keep from getting zeroed by bigger players. At 18 million in power you will have a lot of players in the enemy kingdom that can zero you. For example in my kingdom of Etumos there are 73 players over 1 billion. The biggest player is almost 11 billion. Before you port over to the enemy kingdom make sure to scout the area carefully. You will want to look for a beginning alliance or cluster of smaller players. Before you port you will not be able to scout the targeted cities resources. However, you can at least ...

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Game Of War: Protecting Your Hero!

IceDog’s question: My hero keeps getting captured! What should I do to prevent this and should I ask my alliance for help getting my hero back? Great question IceDog! I see the captured hero issue come up a lot in my alliance. In my opinion asking your alliance for help recovering your hero is crappy! You lost the hero because of your own negligence. You always have to protect your hero. You can protect your hero a couple of different ways. The best way is keeping your city shielded at all times. When you reach the higher gift levels 17 and above you should be receiving enough gold from gifts alone to remain shielded at all times. The second way to protect your hero is ...

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Game Of War: Life In The Hive

SpiketoHeart’s question: My alliance always wants me to be in the hive. Why? I like to move about the kingdom! This is a great question and it’s an issue that has come up in every alliance I have belonged to over the course of six alliances. Basically the alliance wants you close to the hive to help out other players, contribute to the alliance city, and provide a certain degree of protection for all the players in the alliance. All of these reasons for being in the alliance hive have their strong points, however being in the hive is not always best for a player. In my kingdom of Etumos my alliance gOe is the 6th biggest alliance at almost 9.8 billion. However the biggest ...

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Game of War: Gold

Halliman asks: How can I gain gold if I am not paying to play. To get the billion power accounts a player must spend money. There is no way around it to achieve this status. Buying pack after pack is necessary to grow super fast. However, gold is still important for the smaller player that is not paying to play. I am in an alliance with a level 18, alliance gift mode. We get a lot of gold. Enough gold that I can easily stay shielded and keep several 3-day shields in reserve. At 22 million in power I am at the bottom of the list in alliance power. My alliance leader chatted with me recently about helping me build faster. Basically he was saying ...

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AKA Kraftyy – What’s Your Setup?

#1 Destiny Player in the World: Kraftyy  DisMe2 asks: What’s your setup? A gamer is only as good as his tools. You can be the best gamer in the world, but if you’re using a bunk-ass setup, you’re going to get worked. Scenario: You’re playing some Counter Strike. It’s down to a 1v1 and the other guy is lit up. You’re feeling confident because you’ve got an awp and you’re damn good with it. Your opponent comes around the corner and you’re about to line the shot up, but your mouse skips and you miss. He just wrecked you and your terrible mouse is to blame. Don’t let your gear be the reason you let your team down. In the competitive gaming world, using any ...

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Gamer’s Society – Learn from world’s best players!

Welcome to TTS Gamer’s Society. This is the home of Deep Thoughts About Game of War and AKA Kraftyy – The Story of a World Class Gamer. Submit a question to one of our gaming blogs and if your question gets selected you will be the proud owner of an Inspector 69 sticker and the coveted TTS Original Member sticker!     [member] Written/Photo/Video Submission Email Title Description (optional) Upload a File (Max. 20mb) I Agree to the Terms of Service [/member]

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