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#2 BEING IN CUBA What to do in Cuba with the “Group?” You can always learn how to dry your rice. All you have to do is have the tour bus pull over to the side of the road, have the group get out of the bus, and talk to some local field workers. So here’s what they do. They harvest the rice, but it is still too wet to be stored. So what does Cuba have a lot of? That would be sunshine, and lot’s of cheap manual labor. So the workers load up the rice in donkey/mule pulled carts, find a paved road and spread it out on half the road everyday until its dry. That saves on electricity, plus its all natural. ...

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Ramblings Of A Traveler In Cuba: #1 Getting There

Ramblings Of A Traveler in Cuba #1 GETTING THERE I really really really wanted to go to Cuba for so many reasons I knew of before going, and most reasons I learned after I was there. I couldn’t wait to go to Cuba. I dreamt about it, and read about it. It’s a country that, right now, is unspoiled and virtually untouched by USA tourism. The very thought of going to Cuba made me feel giddy all over – call it a traveler’s sickness. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and only 90 miles from Florida. We all know that, I think. However, Cuba is a BIG MYSTERY to most USA travelers because we, meaning you and me without family in Cuba, are ...

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