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Virtual Reality Fitness Workouts

Workout the Fun Way with VR Technology Introduction Virtual reality (VR) was a quantum leap in the field of technology for a lot industries. There is a lot that technology helps us with and once we start understanding it’s possibilities, there is no reason to not use technology to make a better life. VR is a technology that helps you immerse yourself in a virtual world. You can play a game, take a tour or plan a workout session in the world of virtual reality. Fitness has seen its own evolution through technology. The fitness industry is usually the first to consider some of the technological advancements that happen in the world. Blend VR and fitness you have Virtual Reality Workouts which are immersive, training ...

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Top 10 Smart Phone Fitness Apps

Keeping a track on your exercise is essential when you are trying to shed down some extra pounds and fitness apps can help you in that. While some of the apps encourage you through competition, other apps let you connect to a community who can cheer you up along with sharing their report. Most of the apps come with an excellent feature that allows you to track the improvement. The top 10 fitness apps are listed here so that you can choose any according to your convenience. Workout Trainer Workout Trainer is a very popular fitness app intended for both the android and iOS devices. It is packed with loads of workouts that can help you to attain a desired body shape. All these workouts ...

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Fitness Devices: Fitbit – Staying Fit Made Easier

  Fitness devices that relentlessly track your fitness data and help you achieve your fitness goals – Fitbit’s innovations helps the world stay fit. In today’s age fitness is the illusive rabbit that jumps down the hole of Wonderland too quickly before we can catch it. So how do we get hold of this rabbit called fitness? It’s simple – We track it. Fitbit Inc., headquartered at San Francisco, California is a company that has ceaselessly innovated in the field of fitness. It designs devices which can track fitness metrics like the number of steps you have walked, your heart rate, quality of sleep, the number of steps you have climbed and other personal data. The first device created by Fitbit was the Fitbit tracker. ...

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